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Tennessee Tech University: A leading public university in the South of the United States

Tennessee Tech University, founded in 1915 in Cookeville, Tennessee, is a public school. The curriculum is taught through colleges: human and agricultural sciences, arts and sciences, business, pedagogy, engineering, and interdisciplinary research and education.

TTU is ranked among the "top public universities" and one of the best universities in the South - according to US News & World Report.

TTU fully incorporates the characteristics of a large public university located in the heart of the American music hub, where you can discover the roots of rock, blues and country music, enjoying the outdoors. the lush green valley of the suburbs of Tennessee.

Cookville is ranked by the American Chamber of Commerce as one of the most affordable living cities in the United States.

Compared to other cities throughout the United States, the cost of living in Cookeville is lower than the US average of 14.6%.

As the state's only state-run technology university, Tennessee Tech University (TTU) attracts a large number of students in technology and science. There are more than 10,400 students studying. The College offers over 40 bachelor programs and 23 graduate programs in the academic fields of education, economics, engineering, computer science, the arts and interdisciplinary research.

The school is equipped with state-of-the-art computer facilities, the Volpe Library with more than 350,000 books, a sports room, canteen and many other facilities.

TTU graduates have the potential to receive the highest salaries compared to any other public college graduates in Tennessee.


Quality rating of TTU

- The University of Tennessee Tech is ranked # 2 in the South American schools for quality teaching, affordable fees, and access.

- The University of Tennessee Technological College College is ranked 9th for Academic Qualify A grades, Affordability, and Accessibility.

- TTU Business School is one of the 301 Best Business Schools in 2012.

- The AffordableCollegesOnline.org site ranks TTU's MBA program on the list of Top 30 MBA programs.

- In 2014, TTU is leading schools in the state.

TTU's Business Department is one of the best AACSB accredited online programs at a reasonable cost in 2014.

- OnlineMastersPrograms.org, TTU's in-depth financial education program, is one of the 46 best programs of its kind in 2015.

Curriculum and majors

+ Hair, Beauty and Personal Care

+ Engineering and Technology

+ Education and Training

+ Computer science

+ Social Science and Communication

+ Applied Science and Basic Science

+ Business & Management

+ Architecture, Construction and Planning

+ Law

+ Creative Arts and Design

+ Humanities

+ Agriculture and related subjects

+ Master of Business Administration

+ Health and health

Scholarship opportunities

Tennessee Tech University offers many attractive scholarships to international students with excellent academic achievements such as: Merit Scholarship, Multinational Scholarship, Legacy Scholarship.

Merit Scholarship

This scholarship program is open to new international students enrolled in the undergraduate program. 55% of tuition fee paid to foreign students. This scholarship program is designed for international students and can be maintained for 4 years. There are about 20 - 30 scholarships per year.

The Multinational Scholar

Students receive a $ 1,000 / semester exemptions scholarship. The scholarship is designed to attract students from unrepresented countries at Tennessee Tech University who are gifted students who have the potential to study or have special talents who can contribute to the school.

Legacy Scholarship

The scholarship is issued annually to international high school graduates whose parents, grandparents, stepmothers, siblings or spouses have graduated from Tennessee Tech University.

Students receive scholarships exempted $ 500 per semester.


- Spring: 19/01 - 07/05 (with spring break)

- Summer: 01/06 -07/08

- Fall: August 24 - December 10 (Holidays for holidays, holiday breaks and Thanksgiving Holidays).


Tennessee Tech University is one of 20 universities in the US to attend the USA Scholarships Fair in October 2017. Ho Chi Minh.

USA Scholarships Fair  will take place at 15h - 18h Saturday, 21st October 2017 at REX SAI GON HOTEL (141 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh)

UE and ISN Expo co-hosting the event.

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