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Studying in the USA: Homesick

Sometimes startled because today he is standing on a strange land, where people called paradise, is the lavish place of the world ... America!

In the afternoon, the red-tinged sun rose in the sky. In Miami, the sun is shinier than Saigon, and the sun is not so bad that it drifts off to sleep. It must be nine o'clock in the evening to see the night falling down. On weekends, relax yourself a little. After school, after work, my friend, also a student, went to Starbuck to enjoy the smell of coffee, to have to listen to the smell of coffee every day, have remembered Vietnamese coffee should always visit. Sit back and share your plans, wishes, and memories. The sun is coming down, the sunset makes me homesick, misses Vietnam. Surf facebook, see friends racing to post pictures go to play, married children get married, have children have always. Also tongue stick, "Hurry, I'm getting old!" Looking out, the car rush did not make the sun go faster, the light melts away the space I miss home, miss mother ...

My hometown is a poor coastal lagoon in the central part of the country, where people also have year-round co-operative fields. As a child, the youngest son in the house, I am a good boy, never had a parent's whip, study is always praised in front of the school. My family is very poor, my family is very crowded, sometimes I do not know how to study to a few class, because my hometown many friends or leave school midway to work earn money family, I do not think one day I I can go to a place far away from where I was born halfway around the world. Remembering back in grade 4, I was awarded the title of Uncle Ho at the District level, I did not have a decent school clothes to get the certificate of merit. I went to the market to ask some of the girls to sell my school clothes to me, a pair of blue trousers, a white shirt, a pair of white shoes and a helmet. The suit is a bit small because I'm small, but I've never been so happy. At the time of my death, my mother told me to keep careful because I brought back to people. I wear a short-sleeved shirt (which, in my mind, is the only shirt I usually wear when I go somewhere), trousers and plastic slippers. Small, thin and black. It is the most beautiful image in my heart. Three drove me on the old 86 from village to district to receive a certificate of merit. By early afternoon, the father and son boarded the car, running about 1 hour 30 minutes home. I remember that day, I got a certificate of merit (which is still hanging on the wall) and a piece of blue cloth. Only that the joy at that time was great. Hi, just for kids, just a small gift is enough for happiness or for me, I find my parents happy and proud of me, it also made me try harder ... since then. I love poetry since childhood, from my elementary school days, and even wrote a lot of poems. I read and write more about my country and people. Growing up, being a professional in block A but I like analyzing poetry. Seeing too well, it was the poetry of the day, as if I were growing up in the blood of a countryman like me. To grow up, I fell in love with a piece of land poorer than the rustic peasants.

The day I went to Saigon, the bigger dreams were rekindling, and I walked away, farther. Away from parents, family, I learned many things but every time, just a week, sometimes also 3 days, I also flew from Saigon to my parents, back to Hue. The day I decided to study in the United States, I was afraid of my mother, afraid of my mother worried, I was afraid to see her mother cry. Mom always supports my decisions every step of the way. On the day I boarded the plane, I promised my mother that I would try to learn well, live well and soon return to my parents, family ...

The person you sit on the side of the ring makes me stop thinking. It often tells me to be a kid who thinks a lot and gets old. Also, I'm a "nostalgic". It's the memories that motivate me to paint a brighter future than I did yesterday. Miami was looking in the darkness, the summer heat was softening, the car around me was still running, the radio sounded English song. I again listen to the morning glimpse of the past, I crave the busy Vietnamese around me, I crave the air is sitting on the balcony looking bustling streets of Sai Gon, and crave for coffee cups The summer that morning is also on the desk. Also a period of sticking with Sai Gon, I was accustomed to the bustle of that noisy bustle, listening to the croones every night, craving a glass of milk tea with friends after work. Ever since, it has become my second home, my second home, my desk and my colleagues. There are long-term colleagues back message message blamed "are happy to leave you to America!" And then asked "when you come?" ... Well then I feel so strange heart. I came to the United States, I was struck by the desire to struggle, to challenge myself, to live my life with what is called youth. "The young age that you should do your best to get old does not have to be regretful because the youthful days have not contributed to life, or at least explore this vast world." Well, it's hard, oh well, well, as long as I'm happy and useful is enough!

Sunday has a bit of time, students like us have many ways to spend their time. I like writing and sharing. My hometown now wakes up and starts the day, half way round the world, I'm about to finish the day and tomorrow will be back to school, start the week, study, work and live in this country.

Alie Ho
Miami - 25/07/2017


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