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Studying in the British Columbia, Canada under the CES program

Canada is a G8 country with a prosperous economy. This beautiful maple leaf country is the top keyword in the search for overseas study and settlement opportunities.

1. Bristish Columbia: the perfect place to study

British Columbia is to the west, incorporated into Canada in 1871. According to 2014 data, there are about 40,000 Vietnamese living here in a total of 4,624,000 residents of the province. With GDP ranked fourth, British Columbia has a developed economy in many manufacturing and business sectors such as construction, mining, forestry, services, etc. Revenue from service industries accounts for the largest share .

This is the convergence of the most lucrative cities: Vancouver, based on indicators of political stability, crime rates, health care, banking, press freedom, education and leisure. , Housing, transportation and the environment. Victoria is known as the "Garden City," a thriving tourist city, while Vancouver is the busiest city with a variety of cultural colors.
Education in Canada is the responsibility of the provinces. That is, each state has the independent right to develop training programs and training regulations. British Columbia was the site of the founding of EQA - the accreditation for the quality assurance of post-secondary education, recognized around the world. There is also the BCCIE International Education Council, which represents public education units at all levels, ensuring the rights of all students. It can be seen that the province of British Columbia is very focused on investment and development of education. More and more students from many countries come to study and enjoy a world-class education.

The existence of many financial, real estate and insurance groups around the world turns British Columbia into a gold training market for manpower related industries to supply human resources. The whole province has 206,051 large companies creating a plentiful job market which makes it easy for international students to apply for jobs after graduation in many fields.
In order to attract international students, the state has placed four colleges - universities and seven colleges into the list of 145 CES visa schools. In addition, British Columbia has attractive settlement policies, including:

Skilled Workers: Provincial skilled worker resettlement program.
- Health Care Professional: Residency program for health care professionals.
Entry Level and Semi Skilled
- International Graduate: Internship Program for International Students after graduation.
- International Post Graduate: International student residency program with postgraduate qualifications
As such, you will have more opportunities to settle in Canada after completing your study abroad program in British Columbia.

2. Colleges in the British Columbia Province under the CES program
The Canada Express Study (CES) is a speedier application that speeds up the processing of records and reduces the financial burden of issuing visas for Vietnamese students wishing to attend college in Canada.

College programs in Canada are increasingly attracting more students because of their practicality, application and flexibility, as well as consolidating their knowledge base before college. College students have more time to practice with pay. Up to 80% of international students choose college and transfer to university because of simpler enrollment conditions, lower tuition fees and shorter study periods, and many scholarship programs are waiting for you.
If you are still hesitant about applying for a Canadian student visa, you can choose CES. In the state of British Columbia there are seven colleges on the CES list, and you will have a number of options to find a training location that suits your needs.

College of New Caledonia
The College of New Caledonia was established in 1969 as one of the 22 public institutions in the province of British Columbia. The school offers over 80 majors in the first two years of college and 30 college degrees and certificates. Our training majors include: advertising design, tourism, hotel, film, business, information technology, ...

The school has a very well-rounded ESL curriculum, which is enjoyed by many students because of its high applicability, grammatical guidelines and skills that are continuously enhanced. After the basic program, students can continue to enroll in advanced ESL courses.

College of The Rockies

College of the Rockies was established in 1975 in the Kootenay Rocky Mountains, one of the most beautiful and poetic landscapes of British Columbia. The school offers a wide range of student services including free wireless internet access, large library, sports room, cafeteria, dormitory for international students, and an international office supporting the needs of international students. Bridge for homstay, visas, ..

The school offers majors such as automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration, nursing, computer science, global research, tourism, early childhood education.

Douglas College

Founded in 1970, located in the city of Vancouver, Douglas College is one of the largest community colleges in British Columbia. Douglas is also known for the number of nearly 500 high quality faculty members who have achieved excellent academic excellence.

The school has 6 faculties: medical science, social sciences and humanities, science and technology, language arts - literature - performing arts, business and business management, Family - community.

North Island College

Founded in 1975, in the temperate Comox Valley, North Island College is a public school that attracts international students. The campus has 4 training facilities equipped with modern facilities to meet the demand of teaching and learning more and more advanced.

The main programs include: English, transfer to university, bachelor and tourism training, with the policy of diversifying the school has opened up to 70 programs with 900 courses. Students may choose to study subjects such as pedagogy, mathematics, social sciences, fine arts, technology, biology, tourism hotels, etc.

Northwest Community College

Northwest Community College was founded in 1975 in a northwestern part of the province - Terrace Township. Try to find out about this town you will know where the quality of life is high but the cost of living is low, the people in this town are as friendly as their own nature. Students studying here have a variety of activities such as hiking, skiing, ... to explore nature and explore yourself. If you come here to study, you will also have the opportunity to have that experience in your own way.

With nine campuses expanding throughout the development process, Northwest Community College is a source of inspiration for both local and international students. Experienced teaching staff keep up to date with the latest methods to fit the needs of the times.

Major training majors include: commerce, marine ecology, earth and environmental sciences, early childhood education, fine arts, social services, etc.

Selkirk College

Selkirk College was established in 1966, offering a variety of programs with comprehensive training quality. The university has 8 campuses with over 3,000 students.

Every year, the school spends a lot of scholarships for students, especially first year international students. The scholarship level is 250-350CAD / GPA based student.

Its prominent fields of education are education, aviation, communications, industry and commerce, business, resource regeneration, etc.

Okanagan College

Okanagan College is the largest college in British Columbia, founded in 1963. Currently, the school has five campuses in Penticton, Revelstoke Vernon, Kelowna, and Salmon Alm.

Okanagan College offers more than 120 academic programs, with a high quality standard of teaching and modern teaching methods, with over 20,000 students enrolled. Most students are satisfied with the quality of education here through provincial surveys.

The training sector is the strength of the school including: business administration, technology engineers, tourism, food, computer science, ...

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