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Studying in Thailand one year then transferring to U.S. university

If applying for a US visa is an obstacle to your dream of studying abroad, you may choose to enroll in a Thai-based Webster University. After one year of study, the school will guide you to complete the application for a visa in Thailand for students to transfer to America to continue.

Webster University is a private university located at Webster Groves, Missouri. Founded in 1915, the school is ranked by America's Top College, US News and ACBSP. Webster University has more than 100 facilities in 22 US states and 7 countries, including England, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, China, Japan and Thailand.

du hoc thai lan truong dai hoc webster

The Missouri campus is the only campus in English as a Second Language. Campuses are located in the states of Calofornia, Colorado, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and eight other states.
For tuition, the tuition fee is $ 27,000 per year. Webster University accepts transfer students from community colleges. Entry requirements are IELTS score greater than 5.0. Students can earn a 20% scholarship, or tuition fee of $ 22,000 per year. For the masters program, the same school offers students a scholarship of 15% for a 3.0 GPA and an IELTS 6.5. The school accepts the transfer of credit courses in Vietnam.
Webster University degrees in Austria, England, Thailand, or China have no difference with the degree at Webster's main campus. Therefore, if a student intends to study at a reputable school and at the same time be able to engage in a culture of study, Webster is a top choice, as transfers between campuses at The water in Webster's system is easy and simple.

du hoc thai lan truong dai hoc webster

When it comes to countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand always makes people think of a thriving, multi-faceted development, especially in tourism. The potential of the country's yellow pagoda has been explored by foreign investors, making Thailand one of the Southeast Asian countries receive the cooperation of foreign organizations, including the field education. Webster Univesity is one of many foreign affiliated and base camps in Thailand.
Webster University Thailand is located 185 km south of Bangkok, 15 minutes from the beautiful coastline of Hua Hin in Thailand. The school is highly regarded for its facilities, in addition to modern fully-equipped classrooms, lighting system ..., the school also has a dormitory with swimming pool, tennis court and modern gym. . Each room in the dormitory is fully equipped with facilities equivalent to 3 star hotel standards. The school is designed in a European style with a large campus including a library, computer room, lab room, music room, canteen, health room ... serving attentively the needs of learning and activities of students.
Students enrolled here may be transferred to other campus facilities in states throughout the United States or in other countries such as England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, China.

Webster University Thailand has a one-year program in Thailand and then transfers to the United States for international students. In one year, students will study in English and specialize in tuition fees of $ 8,000 per year, accommodation and living expenses of $ 2,000. In addition, the school also has a master's program, with tuition fees of $ 26,000 / 18 months. If you choose a bachelor program, students will study at Huahin. If you choose a master's program, students will study in Bangkok. After studying a specialized year, students want to move to the US, the school will guide the completion of the visa application in Thailand.
One year study program in Thailand and transfer to the US is one of the best opportunities for you to complete your dream of studying in the United States. There are many different ways to reach a destination, choose the path that suits you.
For more information about the program, please contact 0903 57 1080 (Ms. Sa)

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