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Studying in Australia - Outstanding majors and the best chance to settle

Studying in Australia is preferred by international students thanks to the excellent education system and the quality of education leading the world.

Moreover, Australia is a peaceful, stable country, a safe and secure living environment that guarantees the best possible human life.

When studying in Australia, in addition to choosing schools, tuition how, accommodation, the choice of the field is also a matter of great interest to parents as well as students, student.

The following are some of the areas of excellence and the best option for students to choose from.

1. Economic-Commercial Sector

The Economics of Commerce is one of the choices of many international students in Australia, especially for young people. Studying in Australia specializing in economics-trade offers many career opportunities for students in the country and internationally.

2. Digital Technology and Information Technology

In the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is a pioneer in the field of Information Technology (IT). Up to 76% of Australia's IT headquarters are located in New South Wales and some of the world's leading information technology companies based in Sydney, such as IBM, Microsoft, CSC, Sun Microsystems. and, Oracle.

There are about 120 IT training courses in 54 universities in Australia. This field of study is full of basic principles and practical knowledge of modern computing so that you can be ready for work immediately after graduation.


3. Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism in Australia

As a cradle of professional training for hotel managers, event organizers, senior coordinators, chefs ... leading international, every year to study in Australia hospitality industry group - humid This contributes to about 1.5 million jobs and is forecast to reach 1.62 million jobs by 2020.

Currently, there are more than 150 institutions in the hospitality industry, including major Australian universities such as Melbourne University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, etc. Those who study in this field will be offered with relatively low tuition fees and the opportunity to work extensively after graduation.

4. Engineering

Engineering / Engineering is always the first choice of young people love to study in Australia.

You have many options for studying in Australia such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Computer, Industrial, Aerospace, Environmental, Biotechnology.

Engineering students have many attractive options for employment. The chance of high settlement, because the industry is on the list will be prioritized settlement after the graduation of students in Australia.

5. Management, event management

Event manager, also called Management, is a new industry, attracting the majority of today's youth with a thousand dollars. However, with the income level in the dream is extremely demanding knowledge, qualities and skills.

In Melbourne, the event industry is like an industry. Each year the industry contributes $ 2.4 billion to the Australian economy. With more than 8,000 small and large events being held each year, Melbourne is considered as the capital of events in Australia.

6. Education Management

In Australia in particular and in the world in general, the courses are very diverse including pre-school education, elementary education, secondary education, science.

After graduation, students can work at kindergartens, kindergartens, child care centers or teaching at primary and lower secondary schools and apply for permanent residency under the 189 visa. and can permanently reside in Australia.

Graduates in Australia can find jobs easily.

7. Nursing

Nurses, nurses are one of the industries that require high numbers of employees. Australia is lacking nurses to care for patients, so the chances of getting settled in Australia are also almost certain.

With only 2 years of work experience, 100% of all Nursing Homes can be applied for permanent residency in Australia.

8. Communication Sector

The media sector in Australia is increasingly becoming a discipline that attracts many students, as the media offers attractive career opportunities.

Communication is the synthesis of many industries such as management, marketing, business ... It includes from PR to media relations, including brand management to crisis management.

The future for this industry in Australia is also wide open. In Australia, communication is taught in most schools.


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