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Studying abroad - Opportunity for those try their best

Studying abroad is the dream of many young people, however, it is not easy to accomplish that dream.

Studying abroad is the dream of many young people, however, it is not easy to accomplish that dream. Choosing to study oversea through trying to get scholarship is the choice of the young man – Vo Quoc Nam. In 25th Jan, 2016, he had a meeting with Mr Nguyen Nhan Duc – at United Education to share his experience in planning for getting scholarship from oversea university.

Vo Quoc Nam is a second-year student at College of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. He will graduate in Feb 2017 but this young man was burning to find a scholarship to have opportunity to study in America. When askesd the reason for that choice, he said “I would like to study in an environment of advanced education and broaden my knowledge with the new things that I will never get when studying at Viet Nam.” In order to get that target, Nam tried to improve himself by taking part in such a lot of activities.

His major at school is Business Administration with GPA 8.5 through every year. This score partly reflect his ability in studying at school. Not only that, in the process of learning about the criteria of America schools, Nam found that extra activities are the key point to get scholarship, therefore, he had a plan to get experience from part-time job in the business environment, actively involved in many activities at his university such as Viet Nam Young Leader Forum, Tiep suc mua thi; being organiser of many activities. Besides, he took a lot of effort to improve English skill. He said that he was studying Ielts and his target was minimum 8.0.

In additon, Nam sought information from many different sources, get advice from friends and consulting companies. He learned about UE by accident and he has registered to get advice from UE and had a meeting with Mr. Duc – alumni from UK. Nam expressed his desire of studying abroad and get a lot of advice for himself.

• First of all, Nam wanted to know exactly what his favorite field was. Business Administration is such a large field.       Therefore, Nam needed to know which job he wanted to live with was.

• The second, to get scholarship from one of the Top schools in America, Nam had to have his own differences. Except for high GPA and Ielts scores, he should take the SAT course to increase his opportunities. Besides, prsenting in detail his role in extra activities was very important.

• The third, he needed to have a clear essay that highlights his strength and his goal in the future.

• Finance is one of the key point. But above all, Mr. Duc assume that whether success or not, it depend most on Nam’s ability and his efforts.

After this talk, Nam learned many things from Duc’s sharing. He said he first made a detailed curriculum vitae as well as wrote a completed essay then he will sent them to Mr Duc to get it repaired. Mr. Duc also help Nam in selecting some universities suitable for him.

Hope Nam soon get his target with his efforts and passion.

Finally, UE would like to share to all of the readers the basic steps to make application:

Step 1: Prepare for getting certificates from exams: GRE/GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS

Step 2: Choose schools and the field you want to study

Step 3: Prepare for applying for schools with essays, writing sample, resume, recoomendation letters,…

Step 4: Apply appliction

Step 5: Wait

Step 6: Receive admission and cholarship

Step 7: You can find the detail of each step in any article in forums about studing abroad

Step 8: The time of procedure depends on many factors: the efforts of students, desire of studying oversea and others,…

Thu Nguyen