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Studying abroad: Let know what you want?

3rd Mentoring Program was held at Foreign Trade University with the Topic “How to make the study abroad time become meaningful?”

3rd Mentoring Program was held at Foreign Trade University with the Topic “How to make the study abroad time become meaningful?”

In 27th Dec 2015, there was a meeting between young students from many students in HCM City and the foreign students invited by UE - Nhien Nguyen (student from Babson University), Tuong An (student from John Bapst high school) and 3 other foreign students.

With the introducing of Mr. Duc – Strategic Manager of UE, students from many universities had the opportunity to make friend with two lovely girls and then listen their sharing about foreign life.

Tuong An – a 17-year-old student excitedly sharing her decision of studying overseas. She said she decided that just after the 6-month summer course at Mississipi. What motivated her to choose this road was the eager to broaden her knowledge, to be different and feel free to pursuit what she love.

However, this little girl also assumed that studying abroad was not really as good as we thought. “You may feel difficult, but let accept the challenges that studying overseas life puts on you. Don’t give up right away, let try to step over, you can either success or fail, however in return, you will receive lessons for yourself.” Believe in herself together with spirit of accepting every challenges are things that helped An got the good results in what she did as well as kept many high position in prestigious organisations.

Mr. Duc – Strategic Manager of UE

Tuong An - John Bapst's student

Nhien Nguyen also got soon to start studying overseas. She is extremely active in social activities. In Viet Nam, she is the president of YEA Camp – a challenging playground where Vietnamese students receive supports to develop ideas, build teams and create meaningful products. She claimed: “If you decided to study abroad, you must be determined. You are so lucky to get that opportunity so let’s do everything to understand your own capabilities and make the studying abroad time become really meaningful.”

She shared the first time in the foreign country she also felt lack of confidence in front of other friends. However, after 1 year studying here, she realize “Actually, I am just different from others in pronunciation. My pronuciation may be not as standard but I have the same knowledge with everyone.”

That was also the reason why Nhien applied for secretary position – the treasure for the student union at her university. She had successed by persuading all the students with an extremely sincere essay. This position was the first brick on her road of taking part in other social activities after that.

Nhien Nguyen - president of YEA Camp

Having good results in studying and actively taking part in social activities are the desire of any students especially for those who want to get an education at overseas. Both little girl had the same idea when assumed that both studying and taking activites were equally important and each individual had his own way to get balance in his activities.

However, we should have a strongly mental preparation before going to studying to implement these great things. There would be something happened accidently and be sure that you knew how to cope with. “The first steps are very important, if they are not smooth or derailed, it will somewhat waste time for you to start again. Obviously, if you choose to study abroad, let know what you want and just by that you can determine which way you follow and then do it step by step.” An shared more.

UE hope that all attendants got for themselves a lot of helpful advice after 2 hour sharing. Thank you for your attendant and hope to see you in the next programs.

Thu Nguyen