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Studying a driver's license in the United States

When I got the hand-written paper with the score of 94/100, I was really happy. Because it's not easy for a kid like me to drive a car.

From the moment I landed at IAH (Houston) Airport, seeing the wide-open parking lot, I noticed in the United States that everything was growing and progressing. Then, living here in the first week, the more I realized no one knows plus no car is like a person who has no legs, no where to go and no initiative whatsoever. After a month of hard work, I started to learn about driving license exams. In fact, in Vietnam, I have not even got a motorcycle license. Part of the students used to go bus, at work is near the workplace, plus his cowardice, dare not drive motorcycles because the car in Saigon is crowded, the car poured out of all sides, I dare not I'm on horseback so where are some people take the taxi, not taxi, Grab dare not dare motorcycle. So it's kind of like learning to ride, seeing the cars on the road in order, the traffic laws are properly behaved, I think it's simple.

First of all, I'm a quick learner about my studies and my US driver's license. You will need to pass a theoretical examination before enrolling in a practical driving school. Then you will convert that theory into a temporary driver's license to practice. After you pass by the practice, you will have a driver's license, ID number and can buy your car. The DPS (Deparment of Public Safety) is the governing body for the examination and licensing of drivers for people like the Ministry of Transport in Vietnam. The theoretical examination you can apply for and study through the website of the DPS (Deparment of Public Safety) where you live, or directly to the organization of teaching and examinations. You will study the theory at least 6 hours and take it right after the lesson. For myself, that day, my two brothers help to transport themselves to the Vietnamese market area on Bellair, Houston to learn theory. I studied from 9 am to 3 pm and finished the test immediately after. In the theoretical test, there will be two main areas: signage and case handling. You will do the test in English, if necessary the teachers will support you but actually the test is quite easy, so you feel free. You will receive a paper score record score you achieved. From 70 points or more for each section you pass the theory. The tuition and theoretical exam in Houston is $ 50. When you register, remember to bring your passport.

The next stage after the theory is that you will have to go to the DPS office to apply for a temporary license to practice driving. The documents you need to prepare are I20, passport, I94 form and two utility bills of the house you are renting. Plus it's important that you need the landlord to come along to sign the confirmation. Make an appointment (via your DPS website) to avoid long delays. Registration fee is $ 25. You go there and fill in an available form, wait for your number and hand it in to the staff there. They will process very quickly, within 10 to 15 minutes you will be able to get a temporary license. You must have a degree in order to practice driving. With this, the learner must be a licensed driver aged 21 years and over. In the United States, citizens aged 16 and older can study and take the driver's license but between 16 and 21, their license will be rectangular rather than rectangular.

Next you can find the instructor. You can ask a relative or specialist. Expenses are also customary, in Houston I learned how to pack a package from a Vietnamese teacher is $ 400. Can range up to $ 500 or $ 600 per student's age (because the older you are, the harder it is to learn) or an hourly fee (about $ 20- $ 40 an hour). I was driving a car very bad, being told to be shy, to hold the steering wheel is wet sweat. Maf is really weak heart from a young man should get up on the car is stuck up, two hands stiff. Especially the times have to run to the highway want to shoot out always there. He just pushed on gas. He said there is no son fear nothing at all. The teacher is very enthusiastic and leads or leads his classmates to eat. Thanks to the teacher that finally after nearly a month I also registered the exam and achieved 94/100 practice points. I remember that morning 2:30 am got up with him to the exam school. I just give a few rounds and then practice another 1h. About 7h I was the first contestant. I do not know why that day out so horrible. Remember not even believe me. Hihi. After about two weeks the official will be sent home address. And I have that license. The fee for the practice exam is $ 11.

If you do not pass the first time, you can book your calendar and retake it in a week. Most do not pass is due to psychological distance test is not difficult you. I dread when driving a car, the steering wheel is weak so do not dare to touch the car so that you also get a license to drive. Always happy. Now there is no money to buy a car but there is also the motivation to try to make money to buy.

I wish new students quickly pass the driving license as myself!

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 10 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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