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Study the hottest fields at Laureate International Universities

The Laureate International Universities are the world's leading international education network of quality and innovative universities.

The Laureate system consists of 80 universities that are accredited and teach undergraduate and postgraduate programs to more than 1 million students around the world. Laureate students will be members of an international academic community spanning 29 countries in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

With more than 180 years of experience, Laureate International Universities provide students with a range of exciting programs in business, design, English, health care and hotel management.


Be a pioneer in applied education, with a focus on practical skills and knowledge, guided by highly-qualified faculty in real-world workflows - graduates from the system. This education is highly skilled and easy to recruit, graduating with both work experience and "shine in front of the crowd." Laureate focuses on dynamic, modern and unique teaching methods to help students maximize their own unique skills and start their own confidence.

Laureate International Universities is an educational network of nine multidisciplinary educational institutions, with facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Adelaide:

- Torrens University Australia

- APM College of Business & Communication

- William Blue College of Hospitality Management

- Australasian College of Natural Therapies

- Jansen Newman Institute

- Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

- Billy Blue College of Design

- CATC Design School

- Australian National College of Beauty

Hot sectors from Laureate International Universities:

- Hospitality industry

- Design industry

- Economics

- Accounting major

- Health sector

- Event Management

- Public relations

- Marketing industry

Some typical schools are training hot branches

1. Torrens University Australia

Torrens is a dynamic, prestigious university with an international standard of teaching in Australia. The school has four major training institutions in major cities: Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Torrens University is a small number of universities that are on the list of priorities for the new SSVF visa review program (1/7/2016), so students apply to study in Australia, the visa application process is fast, easy Much easier.


2. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

The School was established in 1991 and is rated by the employers as the Best Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Service School in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region (The Best International Hotel Management School , Australia & Asia Pacific - TNS survey 2013).

In January 2016, Blue Mountain Instituition joined Torrens University Australia. This change has great benefits for students, enhancing the school's reputation for students, the hospitality industry and the academy itself.

Blue Mountains courses last two and a half years, six months shorter than other undergraduate courses. The special point here is that the school year is divided into 4 small sessions.

Instead of two regular semesters. Two semesters of study are available at the Australian and international partner chain of hotels and restaurants. The total number of internships is 1,200 hours, with an average salary of $ 17.6 per hour.

3. Think Education

As part of the Laureate International Universities, Think Education includes six different universities in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland offering short courses and a bachelor's degree with masters degree in business, medicine , hotel and design.

Think Education has provided over 10,000 students with a variety of learning styles, including regular study and online learning.

Colleges that Think Education are proud to represent include:

- CATC Design School

- William Blue College of Hospitality Management

- Australasian College of Natural Therapies

- Southern School of Natural Therapies

- Jansen Newman Institute

- Australian National College of Beauty

Think Education is equally valued in theory and practice, confident in providing experience and empowering resilience, confidence and curiosity for learners. They ensure that students are trained on the practical skills they need to succeed. And give everyone a platform to change their world.


4. Stamford University

Stamford University is an international university based in Thailand, focusing on creative and interactive learning. The school promotes best practice with priority given to the use of the latest in teaching technology to give students the best job opportunities.

The campus has two campuses and one learning center in Hua-Hin Campus (established in 1995), Rama IX Campus (founded in 2009), Asoke Campus Learning Center (established in 2015). 70% of Stamford lecturers come from countries including the US, UK, France, Germany, and more.

The campus has over 4,000 students from more than 90 countries.

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