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Study - overview

UE - Today, the concept is not new study. All ages, all families have the opportunity to study abroad with scholarship or excluded, depending on qualifications and financial ability of each person.

UE - Today, the concept is not new study. All ages, all families have the opportunity to study abroad with scholarship or excluded, depending on qualifications and financial ability of each person.

Proper study certainly opens a better life in the future. But life while studying is a world full of challenges and long enough that only those who pass the new field can be successfully conquered.

What is study abroad?

The purpose first and most important one is really studying and learning environment to do this study.


Studying in the leading countries in education as Australia, UK, USA, Japan ...., you will have the opportunity to learn in an environment of quality education of international standard; facilities modern, civilized, polite. There are subjects that are not in Vietnam or undeveloped, or developed but not comparable level with other countries, but you can learn in a foreign country. Besides ensuring knowledge, practical skills are cultivated in a holistic environment. Also your language skills, after a training period in a natural way also improved significantly, when compared to Vietnam.

In addition to technical knowledge, there ARE those invisible but no less real value. Study, you will learn self-discipline and self-esteem of the intelligentsia. The first lesson of students entering U.S. amphitheater, never play "plagiarism" (plagiarism). Not only in the U.S. but almost all universities, all levels in most advanced countries in the world "taboo" in combating cheating, copying homework .... They respect and protect personal opinion. And that's how they teach students self-esteem of the people of knowledge.

Study abroad will help you learn self-management, organize their studies because right from the beginning of each semester, the school often found overseas students a syllabus (roughly translated as the curriculum) . In each subject syllabus clearly, teaching something, learning something every day, students have to read the book yet, a few pages, when checked, how content ... Based on the syllabus, the student accordingly arranged schedule, arrange to do something more, learn more, and to schedule entertainment for the whole semester .... So students are very active, comfortable in their learning ...
Study actual, you will grow up day by day each month because you learn how to research and independent reasoning, learn to respect others and respect others. Thanks to an invisible part of the BE community with the following platforms have been a learning process, and driven all the clarity, your future will inevitably good as expected.

Study promises a better future, but life is not only to study all pink. It should be recognized in this way you do not have to look to the subjective aspect of it.

The challenges of studying abroad

The decision to study abroad, to leave behind your family, friends and familiar life, you'll have the feeling homesick. Your youth, one of the most beautiful way of life will pass in a different country where no ones side. The material can more fully, new friends and get used to, but there are gaps spirit can not be compensated bridge. Not to mention the "culture shock", a concept popular with students, whether heavy or light will also happen to you. Can you overcome the initial challenges the spirit of this?

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Following that, you'll have to step into a completely independent life. No one in the party to help you with the home of daily life, worry no one care when sick. You should always keep yourself healthy to "fight" with the curriculum and new learning environment. The curriculum at the school is not as heavy as foreigners in Vietnam but requires students to self-study, self-study. If learners are not aware from the outset, will not keep up, resulting in depression, learning to give back to the country. And the temptation will also appear: the partying, the outing with several exciting new, but you will have to think twice choice, when to integrate participation, as well as trying to keep her. This difficulty for you to pass or not?

No strings attached in Vietnam befriended native also more fragile. Life study book you into new activities, new thinking. If you are not aware and do not fully understand, the cultural identity of people you can also oblivion. Not to mention the ability to update the situation in the country will be more limited, if not pay attention to this one day you return to work, it will be your weakness. Have you ever thought about this?

Difficulties during the study not only of the people go. Parents also have to undergo a lonely life missing his son, could not ascertain which side you are, do not hand the child care insecurity and anxiety that even if the family is not available author, on the one hand working parents trying to care for not more than enough for the support, the conditions in which learning is not like you, a side of you, if not then have to worry about lack of problems at home parents work hard for their children's education, the cause is due to the cost of studying abroad is expensive. Are you strong enough to assert itself, making reassuring to parents determined to study abroad?

Therefore, "there should or should not go to study?", The answer depends on you yourself. Each person must be aware of their ability to make decisions. Besides, the fathers, mothers and their children should understand and recognize the right of the child's learning path for a future-oriented human right.
Studying the environment for those who really want to learn it! So now, you intend to consider yourself to study their ability to make good decisions offline!

I wish you success!

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