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Study overseas - make more friends and get more happier

It means that you will come to a new horizon, a new life, a new school, a new culture, and especially new friends. But making friends with foreigners while studying abroad is a problem that makes international students anxious.

Cultural differences, language, skin color sometimes make us hesitant to make friends with native friends. Apply the following small steps to get the friendship over the space memorable

1. Smile is the beginning of the story:
Everyone in each of us has at least once realized that smiles can erase all distances and bind people together quickly. "Laughter" is an international language that everyone can understand. Try to laugh more with your international friends in the class so that they have a crush on you first!

2. Help others with a friendly attitude:
Be ready to help people wherever you are if you feel too shy to open your mouth to talk to your classmates. Lend you pen when you do not forget to bring, help you carry things, if you do not copy the copy, please lend your notebook, ... It's easy and lovely right? Use your sincere feelings to create more ways to get to know everyone else!


3. Remember as many people as possible:
When you remember someone's name, they will feel that you respect them. This is critical if you want to develop a relationship. However, remember the name is not easy, especially when you meet too many people at the same time. Understanding the difficulty, Studying the UE suggests the following tips:
• Repeat the name of the other person as much as possible in the conversation. For example, you would say "See you + <friend's name>" to end the conversation so that you can write him or her again in memory.
• Introduce your friend to someone else you've used before. In case you forget your name, you will have a "backup memory" as that friend to ask again.
• Record your name quickly anywhere: paper towels, notebooks, telephones. When you write, you repeat your name again in your memory.
4. Ask questions back and forth:
A relationship can only develop when there is interaction between two sides. If someone asks you something you should answer enthusiastically, sincerely, and more importantly, you must ask the opposite person to express your interest.
If the other friend wants to know more about you while you do not show that you want to know more about them by asking questions, they have no reason to continue to learn about you. Not to mention, just answering without asking will make you quite rude because you only think of yourself without regard for others.
5. Learn to understand:
Listen carefully: Whatever you hear is different from what you have experienced in your life. Let them share because the main thing is they need someone to talk to, not someone to judge
Let your mind open: Do not judge or despise your friends no matter how different they think of you. They have chosen you to share, you should cherish it.
Ask the question: This is the time to dig deeper into your friend's story to understand the tail of things. This also shows that you really care about your friend. Sometimes we just need to ask a couple of questions to show sympathy.


6. Patience with each other's first time:
To have a lasting relationship takes time. If you want to have one or several close friends while studying abroad, do all of this persistently from day to day. Smile with them. Talk to them. Help them. From there, they will gradually trust and open up to you more.
Dear friends! Study abroad will be great experiences for you, new friends are equally interesting. But making friends to have close friends is never easy. And not everyone has close friends, but also a foreign friend. Studying the UE only offers a few suggestions to help and support you in communication, but you can make a success of it depends largely on your efforts and enthusiasm. .
Wish you good luck and have a journey of study full of love!

[Hoai Phuong]



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