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Study in USA with 3 hot majors

Study abroad has become a standard brand of quality training. Many courses in the US have become a "fever" for international students.

When you come to the US, you definitely can not ignore these three interesting disciplines. This article is about the three most famous disciplines in the US today.

Study in business administration in USA

It is a waste if you come to the world's leading economic power without studying economics as business administration. The Business Management program in the US not only gives you extensive knowledge, but also builds your credentials and confidence in the job. In particular, for those students who aspire to advance in business, a degree in business administration in the United States will be a valuable and valuable passport for you.


Business administration programs in the United States are taught at many levels, from colleges, bachelors to postgraduate courses. And this is also the field of study taught at many schools. Therefore, the choice of studying in the US business administration will be extremely diversified and rich.

The average tuition fee that American students studying in business administration need to pay is approximately $ 33,215 per year. If you receive a scholarship, the tuition fee may be significantly reduced.

The following is a list of the top-quality universities in business administration in the United States:

- Fuqua Business School at Duke University (North Carolina)

- Stew School of Business at New York University (New York)

- Stanford University Stanford Business School (California)

- The University of Michigan Ross School (Ann Arbor)

- Columbia Business School at Columbia University (New York)

- Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) - same grade

- Thunderbird School of Management (Arizona)

- Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley (California)

- Harvard Business School (Massachusetts)

- Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina (South Carolina)

Besides, many other universities also offer good business administration programs. You can also refer to schools that have low tuition fees but are of comparable quality. Studying in the US business administration is a top choice when studying abroad for many Vietnamese students. Career opportunities as well as learning environment have attracted them to study in the United States.

Communications industry

In the era of booming economic and commercial growth, US businesses are certainly not lacking in the support of the media. And this is also one of the three hottest subjects in the US today.


The study period of a student studying in the US will take about 4 years of study. The total average tuition for four academic years falls to about $ 159,304.

Media graduates have completed four major subject areas: communication design; Communication aesthetics; communication culture and communication theory.

You will have two options: Design & Production or Critical Theory. Students who choose Design & Production will be responsible for creating a project and presenting their achievements in the exhibition area of ​​the school.

American students studying in the media after graduation have the opportunity "endless" career. Because after graduation, the door to career choice for you is very open. You can become a marketing officer, an event organizer or a journalist or public relations person. The school and graduate diploma from the US will be your stepping stone. than others if you really try.


In the past few years, the choice to study in the US nursing industry is no longer strange. This is a field that is predicted not only to have potential growth in the US but also in Vietnam or anywhere in the future. Especially with high employment opportunities and attractive salary, nursing is becoming the choice of many young people.

The special nursing profession requires a high standard of English language ability, math and science. Therefore, before enrolling in this field, international students need to study at Community College for one to two years.

To become a nurse in the future, every year, US students spend about $ 40,000 to $ 100,000. This is a small expense, but in return you have an attractive career future, this investment is well worth it.

Thus, the young people have passion with 3 sectors are hot in the United States completely trust, choose their career path and development opportunities when returning to Vietnam.

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