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Study in USA: Discover the beautiful of San Antonio City

The first trip in America, I spent time exploring the two beautiful cities of Texas is the capital of Austin and San Antonio. Last time I was introduced to Austin's stubborn charms, now it's San Antonio turn to the throne offline!

San Antonio is known for its ancient city with many cultural and historical landmarks in southern Texas, southwestern United States. It is also the second largest city in the state of the "cowboy" with many famous universities such as Texas A & M Unversity, University of Texas San Antonio, University of Texas Medical Center San Antonio. To San Antonio, you can choose to take a two-tier bus ride to explore the city centered area, home to a wealth of beautiful old-world architecture from the past year. You ignore the following places offline!

1. River Walk

You will be surprised by the beauty of the combination of River Walk's unique architecture. This area is home to many famous restaurants along the lower ground of the river. You will be "glamorous" because of the subtle and unique design thanks to the combination of natural and artificial. The restaurant chains light up with each feature, combined with the freshness from the river Antonio and the romantic greenery, you will not be able to not drop into that great space.

As a student, I do not have the conditions to visit the restaurants, but I have to admit that the restaurants stand out with different decorations. The colorful umbrellas seem to make the space more lively. You can lane along the river or sit on the boat and drop yourself along the water to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

2. City Center

If you are tired, you need to leave the crowded, crowded city, San Antonio is the ideal choice for you. Discover the ancient architectural complex called the Broadway Reach with many world-famous museums that help you broaden your eyes to the history and culture of this land. Besides, you can also choose to travel by horseback in the city, is not it great?

3. Alamo

The square reflects the history of the Alamo battlefield with local artillery and clothing. In the area is a war zone, inside the church to pray. The castle is mainly built of ancient stone.

4. Tower of Americas

Located in downtown San Antonio, the 750-foot tower offers visitors the most breathtaking views of the city. Do not forget to check in when you come here!

5. Mission San Jose (San Antonio Missions National Historical Park)

The San Antonio Mission Area National Historic Park is home to four of the five evangelistic ruins of Spanish missionaries located in San Antonio. The architectural bold religion makes you think of yourself lost in the ancient world of the Ice House with the holy church.

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 19 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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