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Study in US: The hottest subjects

Do you want to study in the US but are wondering about the field? Or is there too much information that you do not know what industry to choose? Based on employment prospects, graduate salaries, and the popularity of the majors, the Princeton Review offers a compilation of the hottest industries in the United States.

1. Business

Business studies are a multi-choice option for students in the United States. Study business

You will have access to subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics and human resources management. You will learn how to operate a business. With the internship program in the US-based world-class companies, it's your chance to learn, cultivate, and create entrepreneurial ideas.

The salary of a bachelor of business in the US will range from $ 41,000 to $ 70,000. The career prospect of this industry is a broader path than any industry.

2. Computer Science

Computer science is in the STEM block - a very hot sector in the US, attracting more than 400,000 international students enrolled each year. Computer Science has been given many incentives by the US government for its practical application.

Computer Science equips learners with knowledge of how to use hardware and software, how to apply that knowledge to business operations, and develop a modern industry. In addition, there are interesting subjects such as robotics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, numerical analysis, ...

The salary of computer science graduates is about US $ 74,000, and for those who already have experience in the industry, the salary can be as high as US $ 128,000.


3. Communication

With salaries ranging from US $ 44,000 to US $ 107,000, the communications industry is the industry that many students choose to study at US institutions.

If you choose to study this field, most of the program will be devoted to the study of presentation from scripting to how to talk to the crowd, how to inspire others, how to convey the message, how to express language and body language, ...

The career prospects of this industry are quite broad, you can find a job in the field of advertising, business, journalism, event organization, social services, ...

4. Political Science

Do not think that political science is too sensitive and requires "leverage" to grow. A graduate student in political science can earn $ 20,000 in the United States. An experienced person can earn $ 50,000 to $ 83,000.

Political science focuses on government policy, social policy, diplomacy ... Along with the learning process will be added a huge amount of knowledge about the history and culture of the above countries. world. Another great thing that this industry brings is that it changes learners continually to adapt, analyze techniques, synthesize information, and communication will improve every day.

Complete the course you can find in the field of journalism, business law, business to politics.


5. Biology

Biology students will study and study people, plants, animals and habitats. Biological bachelors will usually study for a doctorate in order to become an in-depth researcher.

Biotechnology is a sector that is being invested and developed by the US government, especially for highly applied research. Over the next 15 years, the United States expects 90,000 workers in biotechnology.

Graduating in biology you can find employment in biology research centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc. $ 40,000 to $ 105,000 is the salary a biologist receives.

6. Psychology

Psychological counseling is one of the more promising services in modern society. Whether an adult or a child, an individual or a family, a community or a business, there is a need for decryption experts to troubleshoot human behavior.

In Psychology, you can work as a teacher, lawyer, negotiator or speaker. The salary range can range from $ 40,000 to $ 55,000. has more than 10 years of experience.

7. Nursing

In developed countries like the United States, the government has always paid much attention to social policies, especially to people. Career opportunities for this industry are also varied. The salary ranges from US $ 30,000 to US $ 60,000 with many preferential allowances. In California, the salary of a nurse is about $ 45,000.

There is no job vacancy with a nurse in America. Because a nurse has to be trained for 4 years with very strict requirements. They can practice as a doctor. For international students, becoming a nurse to stay employed after graduation is a good opportunity.

This field will equip students with knowledge about medicine, pathology, psychology, medicine, etc. Students are trained in prestigious hospitals and medical centers, directly supervising patients and learning. ask experience.


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