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Study in UK: 10 best marketing schools

Marketing has become the most effective key to help businesses grow and survive in the digital age. Marketing is the bridge between the business and the target customers by satisfying the needs and expectations of customers through product marketing, service and brand development.

According to the Center for Forecasting Human Resources and Labor Market Information in Ho Chi Minh City, by 2020, the Marketing Department will need about 10,000 labors per year. This is a great job opportunity for all of you who want to study this hot sector.

Marketing is a training brand of the UK education system. Most of the young people in the world who want to study in this field choose England as their study destination. This course is designed to prepare students for a solid and professional knowledge in the field of Marketing as well as in related fields such as communication, advertising, public relation and organization event.

What will marketing learn? The following is a hard to learn Marketing at Aston University of England for you to refer.

The first year consists of subjects:

- Principles of financial accounting

- Introduction to management accounting

- Introduction to organizational behavior

- International views in the organization

- Laws for businesses

- Introduction to Marketing Management

- Business Analysis Platform

- Principles of operation

- Information technology for business

- The economic environment for business

- Applied economics

The second year consists of subjects:

- Finance strategy

- Business policy

- Trading games

- Business, politics and society

- Introduction to market research

- Digital Marketing

- Types of services

- Consumer behavior

- Enhanced consumer behavior

- Relationship management

- Marketing communications

In the UK, most schools have a marketing training code, which you can choose from. In the rankings of The Complete University Guide 2017, there are 10 of the UK's top-ranked marketing schools.

1. Lancaster University

Marketing is a key discipline at Lancaster University with 86% of graduates gaining employment right after graduation. The School of Marketing is the Faculty of Marketing with the longest history among UK universities. The University offers Marketing courses from the University to the PhD level. Another special thing is that Marketing has a close relationship with Saatchi & Saatchi - one of the leading advertising companies in the world.


2. University of Bath

The University of Bath, founded in 1966, is a public school with more than 13,000 students enrolled.

The Marketing majors at Bath are highly valued by the combination of exploring marketing theories and applying them to the real world. From the first week of the course, students will be exposed to the real world through challenging The Big Team through the school's corporate network: Businesses will address a problem that exists in the company and the task of the students are to find solutions together and present solutions before the business. In addition, the challenge of Future Business will give students the opportunity to visit the London business and discuss with the company leaders about the difficulties that the company has been experiencing.

3. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds offers a wide variety of Marketing-related courses, including MBA Advertising and Marketing, MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy, MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, and MSc International Marketing Management.

The school's Careers Center hosts a variety of events, seminars and job fairs to help students find employment. Students will also have access to Careers Center's employment database, which updates the latest employment information from businesses around the world.

4. Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Hollowway University of London has risen six times to stay at No. 4 in the UK's best marketing training school for two years.

The Marketing course at Royal Holloway will provide students with the latest knowledge related to the customer, brand and marketing environment built on the basis of traditional marketing concepts. Royal Holloway alumni hold important positions in large corporations such as Viewpress TV, Standard Chartered Bank, and ICICI Bank with an average salary of $ 55,000 per year.


5. University of Reading

Located in the UK's Berkshire City, Reading University currently has about 17,500 students enrolled. The school's marketing program is a combination of intensive marketing classes, behavioral consumer research, management, psychology, and applied economics. One year's internship in the academic year to gain additional practical knowledge. According to the school's survey, 94% of students who graduated from the school have a job or higher education within 6 months and 99% of the students are in management positions in the business. . The average salary of alumni at Reading University is about $ 66,000 per year.

6. University of Sussex

In just two years, the University of Sussex has risen 14 places in the rankings of the top universities in the UK. At the bachelor's level, the school offers Marketing and Management, Psychology courses with 25% of course length for in-depth study of human psychology - a powerful tool for understanding and analyzing onions. micro-consumers.

7. Durham University

Although the marketing course at Durham University has been underway for only two years (from 2017), it has been ranked No. 7 in the rankings. The student satisfaction ratio is over 90% and the school's research quality score is 3.14 / 4.0 (The Complete University Guide 2017). Students will have the opportunity to meet and listen to sharing from representatives of major multinational corporations in the world such as Google, Deloitte, Sage, etc.


8. Newcastle University

Founded in 1834, Newcastle University is not a strange name for students who are passionate about Marketing. The University offers a wide range of Marketing-related courses from undergraduate to PhD. Marketing courses at the school are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) - one of the world's leading international agencies for marketing and business development. At the same time, the University of Newcastle's Master of International Marketing course is one of six courses in the UK that have been recognized by the Market Research Association (MRS).

9. University of Strathclyde

Situated in the heart of Glasgow, Atrathclyde University has a vibrant international student population of over 20,000 students from over 100 countries. With a student-to-student ratio of just 3.04 / 4.00, Strathclyde is an attractive destination if you want to pursue marketing.

10. University of Manchester

With a history of nearly 200 years of training and research, Manchester University is always the dream destination of many students in Marketing. According to High Fliers Research 2016, Manchester University is the leading university attracting large employers in the UK. At the masters level, the school's Marketing courses allow students to undertake Group Business projects instead of writing traditional graduation theses. When choosing to participate in this project, students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the course to apply to the real business. Students will work in teams to complete a report on the current issue of the business and then each student will develop a separate report analysis.


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