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Study in other countries

Study abroad safely with Annalink

ANNALINK is an enterprise specializing in investment in education communications, established in March 2011. With many years of experience in the field of education and deep understanding of the needs of students, want to study abroad.

INTI - Malaysia's education group

INTI International University & Colleges is one of the pioneers in improving and improving the quality of education in Malaysia. With nine campuses in Malaysia and one in Indonesia, INTI has grown steadily over the years, with strategic links with other prestigious education groups around the world.

APU - International community with 11,000 students from 110 countries

APU is an abbreviation of Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, located in the high-tech district of Kuala Lumpur. APU Malaysia is proud to be the ideal place to experience, discover, develop advanced technical achievements, serve effectively for the global economy today.

Improve your English quickly with the Philinter English School

Phillipines are known not only as a tourist paradise but also as an English learning paradise. Every year, this country attracts millions of students from non-English speaking countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Autumn education Fair 2017

More and more young people want to experience quality learning environment and class in many developed countries in the world such as America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. This is an indispensable trend in " "globalization is taking place on a large scale and deep. The dream of studying abroad is a motivation for young people to make every effort and effort in school.

Career path when studying PhD

The PhD * countries are the dream of many Vietnamese students. Some of you get a scholarship to study so happy not to find out how the road ahead? How will the career path be when you graduate?

Important factors for you to study art

Ed Schoenberg (Admittance Admissions Chair) at Otis College of Art and Design (USA) shares what 4P is most familiar with when enrolling in an Arts School: Passion, Preparation , Portfolio, Potential).

Learn the training strengths of the top 6 Finnish universities

According to Organization Economic Cooperation and Development, Finland is the most successful country in the world in terms of education. For many years, Finnish students have always led the way with the highest scores in the world. This is the result of an education that sets high standards for development and long-term sustainability.