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SMEAG Philippines: Asia's leading English language institute

For a long time the Philippines has been regarded as the paradise of learning English in Asia. English has become one of the two main languages here since 1935 and is widely used on more than 7,000 islands of this country. The education system in the Philippines is comparable to the United States, and English programs are based on American curricula.

Top schools in 2018 in life sciences, clinical and psychology

Times Higher Education (abbreviated as THE) is the world's most prestigious academic ranking. THE was founded in 1971 and has appeared online since 1995, specializing in news releases, reviews and World University Rankings by industry experts. On November 8, Top rankings of world leading universities by majors in 2018.

Study astronomy at Leiden University, the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a study destination attracting many students studying astronomy. There are seven prestigious universities in the field of astronomy, including Radboud University, Delft University of Technology, McGill University, Jrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen and Leiden University.

3 Hot courses in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small but wealthy country in Europe, the Netherlands' happiness index is also the world leader. Referring to the Netherlands, people remember tulips, windmills and bicycles in the context of peaceful cities. But the Netherlands is well known for its high quality education, attracting a large number of international students every year.

Curtin Singapore: Studying in Singapore, obtaining an Australian degree

Curtin is a public university and is the third largest institution in Australia in terms of the number of international students. Curtin University is located in the city of Perth - the capital of Western Australia - the vibrant city with the fastest economic growth in Kangaroo country.

Webster University Thailand Campus: Effective Study Abroad

Webster University, founded in 1915 in Saint Louis, Missouri, is one of the few universities with a long tradition of quality in over 4,000 universities and colleges. According to the prestigious US News magazine, America's Best Colleges (2010 Edition) is in the top spot.

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