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Study in Holland: Radboud University

Radboud University has been selected by the students as the best general university in the Netherlands. It is currently ranked 140th in the World University Rankings of The Times Higher Education, which stands at 1% of the world's best universities.

In Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, you will find one of the leading academic communities in Europe, Radboud University. Renowned for its green campus, the college has over 20,000 students in 113 programs, of which 11 are undergraduate and 38 are taught entirely in English.

Renowned for its lush green campus, Radboud University offers a variety of facilities including lecture halls and research labs, accommodation, hospital, library, library, guest house and bookstore. Radboud Sports Center has more than 70 different sports and has recently been honored as the world's best college sports center by the International Student Survey.

Whether you want a Master's degree in humanities, life sciences, biomedicine, language, culture, or a program with a multi-disciplinary approach, Radboud University can offer you a postgraduate course. suitable for vows. At the same time, the College offers 8 bachelor programs in English in the areas of social sciences, business and economics, life sciences, communications and cultural studies.

All school programs are full time at the school, where students acquire essential skills and deep knowledge of research and practice in their field of expertise.

Radboud distinguishes between conventional Master's programs and research. Both offer high-quality Master's degrees, and the only difference is that the Master of Science (MSc) is designed for students pursuing a career in the field of science. These programs have a two-year duration and are highly selective, and are all preparatory steps that can not be better for NCS TS.

All of our programs are internationally accredited by the Dutch and Flanders Accreditation Organization (NVAO), which equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the job market. Job opportunities for students.


Bachelor of Arts Program in Artificial Intelligence, Art and Cultures, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language and Culture, International Business Communications , Molecular Life Sciences, Psychology.

Master's Program: Social and Behavioral Science, Business and Economics, Humanities, Information and Communications Technology, Language and Communication, Law, Medicine, Planning and Human Geography, Oncology Public Administration and Political Science, Religion and Philosophy, Science.

Radboud University is a large, internationally oriented research university that combines the excellent education system in the Netherlands with a number of cutting-edge research.

Radboud University's research portfolio consists of two main components: academic and social. Academic research encompasses the sciences of which the institution is involved and the disciplines the school excels in. Social studies encompass social issues that the university has linked through academic research.


Ten reasons to choose Radboud

1. International recognition

You will study at the fastest growing university in the international university rankings. Furthermore, the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a professor affiliated with Radboud University. You will be studying at a truly fantastic facility, recently named as one of the best comprehensive universities in the Netherlands.

2. Personal access

Our individualized teaching style gives you plenty of opportunities to work closely with top researchers and excellent teachers in small, interactive seminars, guaranteed bachelor's degrees. HR or Master of high quality. Teachers and professors can easily access to discuss your subjects.

3. Freedom to choose widely

You decide the subject and choose the subject that best suits you. We offer you a lot of choices and in many cases, you can combine the same program made your own way based on your own preferences. This has led to exciting research and interesting research options.

4. Excellent service

Radboud strives for the highest quality as well as with its service. This has even been acknowledged by the European Commission, who recently announced that Radboud University has a series of notable activities for incoming and outgoing students and a high sense of quality.

5. Degree is valid

After completing the program, you will receive a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an excellent university and you will gain important skills and a deeper understanding of research and practice within the subject area. friend.

6. Build a valuable network

By studying at Radboud University, you assure yourself the opportunity to build a strong professional network of valuable contacts. Of course, you become part of our alumni network to keep close links with your classmates and professors.

7. Career prospects

As a student, you will benefit from the presence of many Dutch and international companies and organizations, such as NXP and Radboud Medical Center. After graduation, you will have a strong, recognizable professional profile for the job market, increasing your chances of finding a job.

8. A rich historical and cultural city

Studying Dutch in Nijmegen means living in the oldest Dutch city, where you can find Roman ruins and modern architecture side by side.

9. The greenest campus in the Netherlands

The Radboud base in Nijmegen is considered the most beautiful and green tree in the Netherlands. In addition, this is one of the very few research sites in the Netherlands where you can live on campus.

10. Main location

You can take advantage of the convenient location of Nijmegen. The major cities in the Netherlands are just a train ride away and via Düsseldorf Weeze Airport (Ryanair), only 40 minutes by bus, you can connect with the rest of Europe.

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