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Study in Canada under the CES program: Learn about Sheridan College

Sheridan plays an important role in shaping the future of society in the areas of arts, business, community services, health, technology, and skilled professions.

Sheridan College was established in 1967. From a local university with about 400 students, Sheridan has become a leading educational institution in Ontario with over 22,000 full-time and over 35,000 students. part-time student.

The school offers courses that satisfy learners' goals in all areas: results, career availability, social responsibility, and life and job skills. Learners can choose from a variety of programs and services, including certificates, diplomas, advanced degrees, and bachelor degrees.

Deciding to study in Canada at Sheridan College you will have the opportunity to study and work with professors in modern industries. Applied research methods of the University encourage students to work directly with faculty and industry partners, engage in research projects that will promote the education and career of students. When you graduate, you will have practical, professional experience, ready to start a new exciting job. Small class size is an advantage so you can interact more with your professors.

Sheridan College has seven excellent research centers, where government and project projects are researched and implemented. These research centers are the place where biology practitioners and professional trainers are.



Sheridan College has three campuses: Davis Campus, Hazel McCallion Campus, Trafalgar Road Campus. Each campus is a diverse community, designed with specialized training programs. and professors - and provide a unique learning environment for inspiration.

Davis Campus, Brampton

Located in Brampton, one of Canada's fastest growing and most diverse ethnically diverse communities, Davis Campus is Sheridan's largest campus, with more than 12,000 students in attendance.

Davis Campus is the place to train our applied health programs, community services, technology and technology. In 2017, this Campus officially opened Skilled Trades Center, which is over 13,000m2 wide.

Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga

Hazel McCallion Campus is built with the LEED Gold standard, located right in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario - Canada's sixth largest city.

Hazel McCallion Campus has more than 5,500 students, is located at Pilon of Business School.

The program offered in the new building includes a group that deals with sustainable building environments, including architectural technology, interior design and interior design. Program in Advertising, Marketing and Visual Merchandising complements the Business Graduation Certificate program.

The postgraduate course has been offered at this campus starting in 2011.

Trafalgar Campus, Oakville

Situated in picturesque, lakeside town of Oakville, the Trafalgar Campus is an Animation Training Center, Art and Design, Advanced Film Technology, Business, Community Studies, Liberal Arts, Applied science and technology. There are currently more than 9,500 students.



Sheridan offers over 120 programs, including certificates, diplomas, advanced degrees, bachelor degrees and joint degrees in partnership with other Canadian schools.

Basic training:

- Business

- Science Technology

- Art

- Television and newspapers

- Health and application

- Animation and game design

- Architecture

- Computer science

- Environmental science

- Humanities and environmental science

- Education

- Basic technology


Display Fee for one academic year (two terms). The fees for the next phrase are not reflected on this chart. Fees include tuition, health insurance and surcharges.

Note: Fees based on 2017/18 are subject to change. Course fees are in Canadian dollars. (Subject to change without notice).

If accepted in the co-op work plan, co-op fees will be billed in the term before the actual co-op term works. The fees below do not include the $ 535 co-op fee.

Program 2017/18

Advanced production management (optional Co-op)


Advanced special effects make-up, prosthetics and props


Advanced TV series


Ads-managed accounts


Advertising and marketing communications - management


Animal care


Honorary degree of animation


Engineering / technology (co-op)


Art and history of art (bachelor of arts)

Collaboration with UTM

Fundamentals of art


Bachelor's degree in applied medical sciences





Business Analysis and Process Management (Co-op)


Honors in Business Administration (Accounting)


Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)

Honor the Bachelor of Business Administration

(Human Resource Management

Honor the Bachelor of Business Administration

(Marketing Management)

Honor the Bachelor of Business Administration

(Supply Chain Management)

Business Administration / Business

Accounting (co-op available


Business Administration / Business

Finance (co-op available)


Business Administration / Business

Human resources (co-op available)


Business Administration / Business

-Marketing (co-op available)


Chemical engineering technology (co-op)


Chemical engineering technology

-The environment (co-op)


Chemical laboratory technician


Children and youth care


Communication, culture, information and technology

Collaboration with UTM

Community and judicial services


Community pharmacy assistant


Human-access and Development Community


Computer animation


Computer technical / technology (co-op)

$ 16.989 

Computer programmer


Computer system engineering

-Software technology


Computer system technology-software development and technical network (co-op)


Bachelor of Computer and Communication (Honors) - Internet Communication Technology (co-op)

Collaboration with Brock University

Computer Systems-Systems Analyzer (co-op)


Honors degree in craft and design

(Pottery, furniture,

Glass, industrial design, textiles)


A bachelor's degree in creative writing and publishing


Animated digital creatures

Directional engineering


Early childhood education


Early childhood education professional


Honorary bachelor's degree in poetry


Educational support


Educational support - Fast Track intensive

$ 16.357 

Electronic technician


Electrical Engineering



Technician of electromechanical engineering

/ Technology (co-op)

$ 17.241

Electronic Engineering Technician / Technology (co-op)


English Language Studies (ESL)

$ 3.252 

Environmental control (Co-op)


Technical environment


Honors degree in film and television


Basic principles of fitness leadership


Title game designer bachelor


Developing games-advanced programming


Hydrological forecasts are limited to 3 programs

Game design level


Hydrological forecasts are limited to 3 programs

Great art & science-university records

(choose 1 or 2 years)


Human Resource Management (Co-op)


Honorary degree of the author

$ 24.801 

The bachelor's degree applying scientific information (information system security)


Information Technology Support Services (co-op) *


Title of interactive design bachelor


Interactive media management


Interior *


Bachelor degree in interior design


International Business Administration (Co-op)


Internet communications (co-op) (Year 2 & 3 at TR campus)


Investigate-public and private




New media (field position)


Bachelor of Science (Health and Mobility)


Make up for the media and creative arts


Marketing Management (Co-op)


Mechanical Technician / Technology

$ 17.241 

Mechanical Technician / Technology-design and drafting

$ 17.241

Mechanical engineering personnel-tool making (co-op)



Mechanical engineering-water system


Mechanical Engineering-Tool & Mold Maker


Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (Mobile Computer)


Music is applied to stage, screen and interactive visual environment (large)


Bachelor of music performance theater


Administrative office-CEO


Administrative Office-Medical Services


Administrative-legal office (co-op available)




Personal support staff


Technician pharmacy


Honors degree in photography


Base police


Practical nursing


Advance medical science diploma programs and degrees


Project Management (Co-op option)


Public relations-media company


Quality Assurance-Production and Management (Co-op)


Social service worker


Social Worker-Gerontology


TESOL PLUS (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


Product technology for the performing arts industry


Fundamentals of technology


Sheridan College is one of 55 schools on the CES Canada 2018 list. Canada Express Study (CES) is a program that minimizes financial proof and promotes the visa process for Vietnamese students wishing to study in Canada. 55 schools in the CES are members of the Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools.

Students who wish to participate in the Canada Express Study Program should meet the following requirements:

- Have an IELTS score of 5.0 or higher (No skill below 4.5) in the last 2 years

- Enroll in schools that are on the CES list

- Be admitted to a full-time course at a CICAN membership school in Canada.

- Get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank for CAD $ 10,000 to cover the cost of living during the first academic year in Canada.

- Pay the first year tuition fee

- Physical exam at least 1 week before applying for visa

- Apply for a visa 60 days before the date of enrollment.

Hoang An

Latest update on CES - Good news for students who want to study in Canada

As announced by the Consulate of Canada, the Canada Express Study (CES) program will be piloted within 18 months from March 1, However, with the practical effects that CES has brought, this program will still be maintained after the initial pilot period.

Canada is a North American country with an advanced education being ranked high in the world education rankings. The government offers a number of preferential policies to attract international students, such as the CES Financial Aid Program, the CO-OP Study Program, and the Immigration Policy. More and more students from all over the world go to Canada to study. In 2016, Canada's number of visas issued is 22,974, an increase of 41% over 2015.

What is the CES program?

The Canada Express Study (CES) is a speedy, speedy visa processing and financial proofing tool for visa applicants who wish to study in Canada.

The Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools is a national organization founded on the voluntariness of its member institutions, representing public high schools, academies, and schools. Research institutes in Canada and around the world.

By 2015, the government allows international students to be granted a work permit after receiving the visa without waiting for 6 months as before. In 2016, the government again launched the CES program. These are the moves to educate Canada to attract talented people around the world.

Conditions for registering for CES

Students who wish to participate in the Canada Express Study Program should meet the following requirements:

- Have an IELTS score of 5.0 or higher (No skill below 4.5) in the last 2 years

- Enroll in schools that are on the CES list

- Be admitted to a full-time course at a CICAN membership school in Canada.

- Get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank for CAD $ 10,000 to cover the cost of living during the first academic year in Canada.

- Pay the first year tuition fee

- Physical exam at least 1 week before applying for visa

- Apply for a visa 60 days before the date of enrollment.

Why CES has a strong appeal?

According to initial information from the Consulate of Canada, the CES visa review program was piloted within 18 months, commencing officially from March 1, 2016 and is scheduled to end at the end of August. Since its inception, this program has attracted the attention of many students wishing to study in Canada because of the flexibility and speed of visa approval. Specifically, your visa application does not require financial proof - monthly income, the time to review the application is very fast from only 3-7 days. In addition, if the student has a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 (no skill below 4.5), prepayment, a one-year tuition fee in Canada, a reasonable academic plan, good health The visa to study in beautiful country is certainly in your hands.

Up to now, the CES program has gone nearly two thirds of the way. A group of youngsters oriented to study in Canada is asking the same question, "Will this CES end in August 2017?"

With the practical effects that CES has brought over the past few years, the Canadian Consulate has announced officially that the CES program will continue after September 2017. This is really good news for young people are preparing to move to Canada to study in the future. According to the assessment of the Consulate of Canada, during the trial period, the quality of student visa application and the number of students have been granted visa is quite good. This is also the main reason for this program will be maintained in the coming time.

How can you quickly get a visa through CES?

Canada has long been considered a peaceful nation, with good quality education at reasonable costs. Since the birth of CES, the way you have been able to experience the educational environment in your country has been shortened and flat. To be able to get a Canadian visa quickly through the CES program, now that you need to do is to improve your foreign language skills, get your IELTS certificate with as high a score as possible. invest more for your current education level. To give you more excitement as well as more motivation for preparing for studying in Canada, we refer to some updated statistics from the Consulate of Canada offline.



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