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Study in Canada is more easier with Simon Fraser University and University of Manitoba

Navitas Group is the world's leading education provider in the development and delivery of educational services and learning solutions. Navitas is available in 31 countries around the world, including the US, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand ...

Navitas offers courses from shortened courses to advanced English courses to meet the needs of each student.

In Canada, Navitas links with two prestigious universities:

- Simon Fraser University.

- University of Manitoba.


University of Manitoba founded in 1877, is the first university in Western Canada, located in downtown Winnipeg. The University has 24,000 undergraduate students and more than 3,000 graduate students, offering 80 undergraduate majors including 51 undergraduate, 10% off international students from 90 countries. .

University of Manitoba is well known for its accounting, economics, English, history and psychology training.

Supported by the Government of Canada and the Manitoba Department of Education, UM has close links with the University of Manitoba International University Division of Colleges (ICM) which provides college-level admission to the University of Manitoba. Students at ICM will enjoy all the benefits of the University of Manitoba. This is how UM helps students from non-English speaking countries get into their second year at the university with the best certainty.

5 Reasons to Study at ICM:

1- Convenient location with a reputation for quality study and research.

2 - Smaller class sizes will receive more personal attention and more time from your lecturers.

3 - There are 3 launches each year (January, May and September).

4 - Winnipeg is a safe and friendly city.

5 - Study with students from all over the world.



Simon Fraser University has all of these wonderful and innovative programs, some of Canada's best sports teams, and a dynamic international community. SFU is always ranked as one of the leading universities in the country.

Students will have the opportunity to experience Co-op (paid internship). This program will provide students with valuable experience before graduation as well as the opportunity to practice and work in leading Canadian companies such as Blackberrry, Bank of Montreal, HSBC, etc.

SFU's reputation and quality are also due to the high input standards and rigor of the students in the learning process, in addition to which the school requires average scores and high English proficiency to match the environment. study.

A more appropriate transition for international students is through the Fraser International College (FIC) International Program, which offers courses that bridge the SFU's bachelor program with areas such as Business Studies Business, Information Technology, Fine Arts and Social Science ...

Beginning in January, May and September.


8 Reasons to Study at FIC:

1. Simon Fraser University is in the top 10 of Canada.

2. Smaller class sizes will receive more personal attention and more time from your instructors.

3. There are 3 launches each year (February, July, October).

4. Vancouver is one of the world's major cities, with one-sided slopes and skiing on the other side.

5. English Program through SFU.

6. Lecturers are experienced teachers with more than 50% of teachers working directly at Simon Fraser University.

7. Modern school with facilities that best serve the needs of international students.

8. Students are paid internships and are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.

Ngoc Ha

Study in Canada CES:  Sheridan College

Sheridan plays an important role in shaping the future of society in the areas of arts, business, community services, health, technology, and skilled professions.

Sheridan College was established in 1967. From a local university with about 400 students, Sheridan has become a leading educational institution in Ontario with over 22,000 full-time and over 35,000 students. part-time student.

The school offers courses that satisfy learners' goals in all areas: results, career availability, social responsibility, and life and job skills. Learners can choose from a variety of programs and services, including certificates, diplomas, advanced degrees, and bachelor degrees.

Deciding to study in Canada at Sheridan College you will have the opportunity to study and work with professors in modern industries. Applied research methods of the University encourage students to work directly with faculty and industry partners, engage in research projects that will promote the education and career of students. When you graduate, you will have practical, professional experience, ready to start a new exciting job. Small class size is an advantage so you can interact more with your professors.

Sheridan College has seven excellent research centers, where government and project projects are researched and implemented. These research centers are the place where biology practitioners and professional trainers are.


Sheridan College has three campuses: Davis Campus, Hazel McCallion Campus, Trafalgar Road Campus. Each campus is a diverse community, designed with specialized training programs. and professors - and provide a unique learning environment that inspires.

Davis Campus, Brampton

Located in Brampton, one of Canada's fastest growing and most diverse ethnically diverse communities, Davis Campus is Sheridan's largest campus, with more than 12,000 students in attendance.

Davis Campus is the place to train our applied health programs, community services, technology and technology. In 2017, this Campus officially opened Skilled Trades Center, which is over 13,000m2 wide.

Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga

Hazel McCallion Campus is built with the LEED Gold standard, located right in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario - Canada's sixth largest city.

Hazel McCallion Campus has more than 5,500 students, is located at Pilon of Business School.

The program offered in the new building includes a group that deals with sustainable building environments, including architectural technology, interior design and interior design. Program in Advertising, Marketing and Visual Merchandising complements the Business Graduation Certificate program.

The postgraduate course has been offered at this campus starting in 2011.

Trafalgar Campus, Oakville

Situated in picturesque, lakeside town of Oakville, the Trafalgar Campus is an Animation Training Center, Art and Design, Advanced Film Technology, Business, Community Studies, Liberal Arts, Applied science and technology. There are currently more than 9,500 students.


Sheridan offers over 120 programs, including certificates, diplomas, advanced degrees, bachelor degrees and joint degrees in collaboration with other Canadian schools.

Basic training:

- Business

- Science Technology

- Art

- Television and newspapers

- Health and application

- Animation and game design

- Architecture

- Computer science

- Environmental science

- Humanities and environmental science

- Education

- Basic technology





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