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Study in Australia: Guide to solve difficult cases (Term 3)

UE-Resolved issues proof of funds, review order visa, visa processing skid, temporary residence visa after I finished and settled in Australia. Study in Australia: Guide to solve difficult cases (Term 3)

UE-Resolved issues proof of funds, review order visa, visa processing skid, temporary residence visa after I finished and settled in Australia. Study in Australia: Guide to solve difficult cases (Term 3)
Resolved issues demonstrate financial, consider steps visa, visa processing skid, temporary residence visa after I finished and settled in Australia.
Students can renew Australian visa from 2-4 years after graduation
When do Australian visa applications, demonstrating financial dependence on the order review visa. If the level at 1 visa, just to prove passbook and ownership documents. If the order visa at 2, 3, to further prove the source of income. Specifically as follows:
Saving books: According to the Australian embassy, ​​students need a minimum passbook 36,000 AUD and does not provide for open time window before saving a visa. However, depending on the course fee, the amount of courses that can be changed. With the case study families who do not have bank books, can be overcome in two ways:
+ Using the account balance certified by the bank
+ Using student loan services of banks: In order to receive this assistance, students should have a proven record full tuition fee, living expenses ... Papers are usually provided by the universities or consulting firm to study.
Property owners: There are usually two types of assets used to demonstrate that:
+ Property: Family students can use notarized red book, the real estate sales contract, certificate of real estate ownership ... no need to use the original visa submission.
+ Cars: Similar to real estate, you can use car registration or purchase agreement notarized cars to complete the documents.
Proof of monthly income source:
This is the most difficult problem in the completion of visa students. The sponsor must provide documents proving legal monthly income. Depending on the circumstances of the petitioner, the minimum amount required to demonstrate a change.
For example: If your brother guarantees to study abroad, his brother married, have children, then your monthly income must be sufficient to demonstrate support their families in Vietnam and adopted children to school in Australia .
The necessary documents to prove income depends on specific circumstances, usually affected by issues such as business registration, capital contribution, dividend, corporate tax, income tax individual labor contracts, relationships, donated, sale .. The most important point to be considered is immigration documentation must be valid and reasonable to have the most accurate explanations.
With Australian visa policy as now, the most favorable solution for selected students are studying in 41 schools at level 1 visa, without proof of income source, not English certification and interview visa.
9. I have filed a visa is 4 weeks but have yet to see what response? Visa processing time is how long? If I ever slip visa, they can apply again or not?
With a student visa, the Australian visa regulations at the following three levels:
Position 1 Visa: This visa is issued that order without proof of the source of finance, without IELTS and without the interview. To get a visa level 1, students will have attended 41 schools by the Australian Government regulations, the level of tertiary education. Students can through education consulting organization to apply for a visa, without submit directly to the embassy.
Level 2 Visa: This visa is applied to rank high school students, junior high, elementary, undergraduate, master's and PhD in the group of 41 school level 1 visa cases. For visa at this level, is required to prove the source of financial income.
Visa Level 3: Tier This review applies to the short course, vocational college, is considered the most difficult step. In addition to the proven source of financial income, students must have a minimum IELTS score of 4.5 when visa applicants.
Visa processing time: time depends on the order review visa visa. With type 1 visa, usually 2-5 days after the filing will require health check, the average processing time is 2-3 weeks. Visa level 2 is usually 6-8 weeks, and level 3 is 10-12 weeks. However, students can register at the specified visa fast is reasonable (not case also be considered fast). In the case of fast, about 10 days will result from the embassy.
Visa processing time is short to create favorable conditions for students
Visa Interview: During the consideration of visa, the embassy can call interview students or the personnel involved to check the authenticity of the documents. Therefore, in addition to providing accurate information in the records, family students need to master a written explanation to answer in an interview.
With the sliding visa cases, the application for the 2nd visa is entirely possible: When the visa is denied, the Australian embassy usually allow applicants are mailed request re-inspection results in 7 working days .Where has slipped from the previous visa, based on the denial letter and embassy documents filed 1st, students can do the second time visa applications and explain the suspected problem.
10. After finishing the degree course in Australia, I did not get a visa extension? During that time I was not able to go to work?
For undergraduate students bachelors, masters credits, masters and doctoral studies in Australia, will be completed after the granting of temporary residence visa in Australia. According to the Australian government, if the applicant considered temporary visa in 2012, will be classified as "Skilled - Graduate (Temporary) Visa, Subclass 485" extended period is 18 months.
Starting in 2013, this visa is replaced by Post - StudyWork Visa. This new type of visa allows students to remain in Australia for a longer time. Specifically, students graduating with a bachelor's or master's credits extended 2 year master's studies PhD is 3 years and 4 years.
Conditions for temporary residence visa in Australia after basic education include:
- Within 6 months before the visa registration, students must have completed a bachelor's degree, Masters or PhD in Australia.
- Students must meet academic conditions. Students must learn the course is registered by the Commonwealth Register of Institutes and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) length 2 years (bachelor and master courses and PhD from the University of length 2 years or more). The training course must be in English and be completed in 16 months.
- IELTS 6.0 level or higher, with no band less than 6.0.
- Students must ensure the health and condition of judicial good.
- Buy a term insurance equal to time be granted temporary residence visa.
- Students who do not meet the qualifications required in the list of priority occupation of Australia (Skilled Occupation List - SOL).
11. Without the guarantee itself, I can apply for resettlement in Australia or not? Studies in the region, the state government would be guaranteed to get settled?
There are many ways to get to Australia, such as marriage, family sponsorship, immigration ... However, within the framework of this article, the program will address the problem of skilled settlers, allowing students abroad, or who have completed their courses in the last six in Australia and are temporary visas, registration card can settle.
This type of visa using the points to apply for visa and approval. This classification applies to the applicant and does not need the full guarantee from relatives. Point enough to be granted permanent Australian visa is 65 points.
To apply for a card settlements, in addition to age requirements, English proficiency, the applicant should have the skills and qualifications to meet the Australian standard for an occupation in the specified list.Where governments, companies or relative guarantees, occupation list will expand more than the case is not guaranteed.
Spreadsheet settlements are reviewed with many different criteria such as age, English proficiency, work experience, study time in Australia, venue, sponsor ... Especially if studying in remote areas isolated as Perth, Adelaide, Ballarat will be plus point.
Source: Dan Tri