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Study in Australia: Geology, Medicine and Communications

Australia is a country that attracts a large number of international students. Studying in Australia You can choose from a wide range of subjects to study in because of the diversity of curricula in the education system in the country. However, there are some sectors of training that are considered "strong" and "terrifying" that are geology, medicine and communication.

Geology and Environmental Sciences

With its rich and unique natural resources, Australia will provide you with a closer look at world nature through the education of geology and environmental science. Here, Australian students can collect materials from a variety of resources, such as the Red Desert, the jungle.

In addition, Australia is a world leader in managing environmental issues and ranking three globally in the same field.

Four Australian universities are in the top 50 in the world of Environmental Sciences, with five in the same category, Land and Maritime Science and Geography.

Here, students can learn from environmental planning, environmental design, management, mining related fields.

Mining is an industry that plans to grow 41% over the next four years, or about 1.3% of the country's GDP. Therefore, this can be considered as a very potential country for those who want to foster their expertise and skills in the fields of Geology, Geosciences, Earth Sciences and Mining Engineers.

Medicine and Biological Sciences

Famous for its quality of medical research, Australia has long been known as a pioneering force in medical technology. This is the country that owns the most prestigious research institutions. Australian experts are responsible for the development of "bionic ear", "skin spray" for burn victims, as well as the manufacture of cheap contact lenses. for underdeveloped countries. Stem cell research, cancer, human immune systems and vaccines are also underway.

In 1939, Laureate Sir Howard Florey, the Australian Nobel laureate, developed the Peninsula.

There are five Australian universities in the top 50 in the world of Medicine and Biological Sciences, including the top three in the field.

Entry requirements for Australian medical programs are extremely competitive, and students are taught both theoretical and academic aspects to experimental and practical studies.

With the largest and most prestigious institution in the country, the University of Queensland offers a wide variety of programs, at all levels, for all majors in the medical field.

When studying here, students will be able to enter the school's practice clinics and use all facilities, not to mention connected to most medical university hospitals in and out of school.

Placed immediately after the University of Melbourne is the University of Melbourne with its new Ph.D. program in 2011 - the only professional-entry program in Australia that will allow the "in-orbit" to enter.


Communications industry

Australia ranks 5th worldwide in terms of copyright protection and is the country that gives students the opportunity to be connected to existing communications channels, as well as to create, distribute, and manage their content. for them.

This country's education encourages independent thinking, creativity, and students are also taught how to defend their views, to be trained to solve problems.

Australia's creative sector is one of the fast-growing industries, including Advertising and Marketing, Journalism and Radio, Publishing, Software and Digital Content ... Communications majors. Advertising, Marketing, PR, Newspaper or Multimedia are very pleased to be working with industry experts and are especially pleased to be creating their own content.

Finally, the five Top 50 Universities in the Media and Media category are Monash University (19th), University of Melbourne (22nd), The University of Queensland (25th), Queensland University of Technology (27th) or the University of Sydney (39th).

With the use of both theory and practice in teaching, the Australian education system will help you gain thinking skills while absorbing the knowledge that is "about" the field you want to target.


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