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Study in Australia and get the free IELTS course from UE

IELTS is the most meaningful English language certificate for overseas study and living. As a gift for your Australian study journey further, UE Corp. offers a free IELTS study program for you to study in Australia.

For students wishing to study in English-speaking countries, the issue of improving English language skills plays a very important role. In many international English certificates, the IELTS is highly appreciated by students who are good at evaluating their level of English through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

>>International College of Management International Scholarships for Undergraduates in Australia, 2017

Regarding the issue of studying in Australia - a country using English as the main language, IELTS has a special place. In recent times, with the new SVFF visa program, the Australian government has not been too strict with international students to request IELTS (students apply for visas to attend Level I and Secondary schools do not need an IELTS), but in practice, owning the IELTS certificate at hand always offers many advantages:
- Make admission application more favorable.
Meet the visa application requirements of the Consulate if you apply for non-Level I schools. Note that you need a minimum IELTS of 4.5.
- The higher your IELTS score, the faster you will be able to enter formal study programs in Australia without having to spend a lot of time on dedicated English language programs for international students.

>>Australia shines in global university rankings 2017

>>Australia Skilled Occupations List 2016 – 2017

There is a good foundation for applying for a permanent residence, as one of the requirements to reside in Australia is that you will need an IELTS.
Understanding the role of IELTS in Australia Studying abroad, Study abroad gives you are planning to study in kangaroo island in 2017 attractive offer - FREE 100% IELTS COURSE FEES $ 400 for you to make a profile in UE. Program content is as follows:
- Time: The program runs from March 22, 2017 to June 30, 2017.
- Target audience: Australian students studying in the UE.
- Offer: 100% IELTS course fee of $ 400

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>>Changes to Australian visa processing in Vietnam

With this special offer UE Study hopes to help you save money while preparing for studying in Australia as well as quickly get the opportunity to experience the advanced educational environment of the island. This country
To find out more about the program, you can contact the EU Hotline: 0932 739 299 (Ms. Uyen) for advice.



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