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Study CES Canada at the most beautiful island in the world

Vancouver Island is a large island in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Island was voted North Island's No. 1 destination on the island and the third most beautiful island in the world. Vancouver is likened to a miniature world with its own unique culture, history and charms.

The paradise island attracts more than 3.5 million visitors every year. More specifically, the island is home to Vancouver Island University, a prestigious publicly-funded university, which has just been listed on the CES Canada list in 2018.


Vancouver Island University (VIU), founded in 1969, is one of Canada's most recognized public universities. The school offers hundreds of programs for you to choose from, international standard facilities, high quality study areas, and a central location near Vancouver and Victoria. VIU is the perfect place to live, study and work.

With a history of more than 70 years, VIU has built a solid foundation and has grown into a dynamic and well-known university in the world. Local and international students are welcome at VIU through four campuses located at Nanaimo, Ducan, Powell River and Parksville Qualicum. The university attracts more than 18,000 students each year, including more than 1,100 international students, more than 2,000 faculty and staff.

VIU offers students a wide range of Diploma, Certificate programs in diverse disciplines such as Performing Arts; Science and technology; Social science; Tourism, entertainment, hotels; Application Technology, ...

The school offers a diverse curriculum. In particular, Malaspina International High School is located on the campus of University of Vancouver Island, offers 10th, 11th, 12th Grade General Education and a Certificate of Secondary Education from British Columbia. Students graduating from the Malaspas International High School are transfered to programs at Vancouver Island University.

As a center of excellence in teaching, applied research and training, VIU meets the needs of regional and world-class labor through the training of a talented team of graduates each year. .

VIU is constantly encouraging and creating the best conditions for students to improve their knowledge, develop skills and exploit their potential for future development. 92.8% of students were satisfied with the quality of training at the university and 92.1% of the students were satisfied with the experience at VIU.



- Associate degree program

- Bachelor degree program

- Certification Program

- Diploma Program

- Advanced degree and postgraduate programs

- High School Equivalency Program (ABE)

- Master's degree program


- Art, Design & Performing Arts

- Arts & Humanities

- Business and management

- Pre-study and career

- Education


- Health

- High School Equivalency (ABE)

- Human services

- Science and technology

- Social science

- Travel, Entertainment & Hotels

- Application technology

English program

The Vancouver English Language Center's English Center program provides students with opportunities to improve their English as well as experience and participate in Canadian culture. At the same time, provide students with extensive experience through faculty and student support services, with programs such as:

Advanced Placement (AP)

English Communication Program (ECP)

Short-term program Culture and language



VIU offers hundreds of employment opportunities for international students during their studies and supports a three-year Canadian work permit after graduation.

Internship pay (Co-op)

Co-operative Education (Co-op) - is a combination of classroom theory and hands-on experience to accumulate work experience outside of the classroom. This internship is a compulsory part of the curriculum that is supervised and paid.

VIU offers 5 Diploma programs that combine "Co-op"

- Fisheries and Aquaculture Diploma / College of Aquaculture & Aquaculture

- Hospitality Management Diploma / Hospitality Management Diploma

- Recreation & Sport Management Diploma / College of Leisure & Sports Management

- Tourism Studies Diploma / College of Tourism

- Tourism / Recreation Management Degree / Bachelor of Tourism / Leisure Management

The programs start in September every year. "Co-op" lasts from May to October.

Opportunity to work in Canada after graduation

After graduating from VIU for a minimum of 8 months, international students are eligible to apply for a work permit of up to three years in Canada. School Support The school will help students find suitable jobs after graduation.

Working on campus

While studying at VIU, international students (with a study permit) are allowed to work on the campus for up to 20 hours per week. At the start of each new semester, the School Employment Office will post approximately 300 job placements on the campus, such as assistant / assistant, paperwork, faculty, library teaching aids, machine room, gym, study room, ...

These positions are usually very competitive and the normal working time is no more than 10 hours per week. In addition, the International Education Center also recruits a few international students each semester to support the Center's activities, such as planning and organizing seminars and programs for national students. .

Off campus

During the course of studying at VIU, international students (who have a study permit, except for students who are studying English as a substitute, exchange students, or who attend the VIU program) have the results. A good student will be allowed to work part-time outside the school for up to 20 hours per week. These students are also allowed to work full-time on annual leave such as 4 months of summer vacation and 3 weeks of winter break.

Volunteer student

International students are encouraged to participate in volunteer work. VIU has a large team of volunteers who take part in school activities, such as Peer Helper, which will help newcomers find out about the school and about the city of Nanaimo. VIU.


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