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Study at top Ontario schools under the Canadian CES Program

The CES Canada program has recently become a familiar keyword in the search for opportunities to study in Canada of young people in Vietnam. With open policies, reduced procedural pressures and time to completion, CES is making it easier than ever to study in Canada.

As of March 1, 2016, the Canadian Government, along with the Association of Colleges and Institutes of Canada, has adopted the Canada Express Study (CES). This is a program that minimizes financial proof and promotes the visa issuance process for Vietnamese students wishing to study in Canada. The 45 schools on the CES are members of the Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools. The CES Canada program has an 18-month pilot duration, but as a result of the program's effectiveness, the Consulate General of Canada has extended the program for a further year.

Advantages of the CES program are: faster financial identification, priority for visas for member institutions, faster visa processing time.

Conditions for registering a CES

Students wishing to participate in the Canada Express Study Program should meet the following conditions:

- Have an IELTS score of 5.0 or higher (No skill below 4.5) in the past 2 years

- Enroll in schools that are on the CES list

- Be admitted to a full-time course at a CICAN membership school in Canada.

- Get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank with a value of CAD $ 10,000 to cover the cost of living during the first academic year in Canada.

- Pay the first year's tuition fee

- Physical exam at least 1 week before applying for visa

- Apply for a visa 60 days before the date of enrollment.

Ontario is a province with many CES universities. The province is home to 40% of the country's population and 30% of the top colleges and universities in Canada. Studying in Ontario is an opportunity for international students to experience a world-class education system, good job opportunities and the chance to apply for a residency after completing their studies.

1. Algonquin College

Established in 1967, located in the capital Ottawa, Algonquin College offers over 180 academic programs with outstanding majors in tourism management, high technology, health, art, design, ...

 Reference costs:

+ Tuition (1 year): 14,000 - 16,000 CAD

+ Books and registration fee: 1,000 - 1,500 CAD

+ Uniform: 800 CAD

2. Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

This public school, founded in 1967, attracts approximately 3,500 students per year at its main campus and 3 campuses each year. Canadore College's goal is to improve the quality of community-based curriculum, always innovating to bring the greatest success to students.

At present, the school has about 65 training programs such as art, beauty, health care, theatrical arts, commercial entertainment, aviation, cuisine, design, ...

Reference costs:

+ Tuition: CAD 14,000

+ Books and equipment: 1,500 CAD

3. Durham College

Durham College is among the top 25 research colleges in Canada that provide the best scholarships for international students and, in particular, open employment opportunities after graduation. At present, the school is offering a wide variety of programs in over 140 different disciplines such as business, health care, science and technology, information technology, etc.

4. Fanshawe College

With over 15,000 students studying, Fanshawe College becomes Canada's 6th largest college. The school offers over 100 training programs in economics, accounting, hotel management, nursing, engineering, etc.

One year's tuition fee is around CAD13 - 15,000


5. George Brown College

The university currently has about 30,000 students studying with nearly 3,000 international students. George Brown College offers over 145 highly applied programs in the hospitality, hospitality, business, finance, design, hospitality, hospitality industries.

Admission dates are January, May, and September. Tuition fees for 2016-2017 are $ 13,520 - $ 16,500.

6. Humber College

Humber is well known for its quality of training and facilities to meet the needs of encyclopedias. Humber ranked No. 1 in North American Colleges for the success of students. 90% of the school's programs offer hands-on opportunities to students, with eight major majors, Humber offers over 160 full-time programs. Its prominent faculties are: energy and construction engineering, international business, hotel travel management, advertising, public relations, ...

7. Lambton College of Arts and Technology

With 50 years of operation, Lambton College became a well-known college of applied and business technology. The campus has around 10,000 students, including full-time and part-time students. Students can study at the main campus or at two campuses in Sarnia and Toronto. The level of satisfaction of employers with students from Lambton is 97.5%.

Its prominent faculties are business, technology, engineering, community service. School fees range from CAD 12-14,000.

8. Mohawk College

The schools are located in Hamilton City, one hour drive from Toronto. The prominent sectors of the school are health care, aviation engineers, business administration, technology engineers ... After graduation, students are allowed to stay for 3 years and have the opportunity to settle in Canada, especially the health professions.

In Canada, the number of colleges is almost double that of colleges. The proportion of international students who choose to attend college is about 35%. Over 80% of students are satisfied with the quality of colleges. The advantages of college-level programs are variety, low cost, small class sizes, more internship opportunities and higher employment rates. Along with the Canadian CES Program, studying in Canadian colleges is increasingly attracting international youth, many of whom are young Vietnamese.

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