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Study at the University in Vietnam is not the only door to success

Vietnam is a country with a tradition of election, teacher of grave, attaches great importance to people who are real, practical. Desire to have the opportunity to study college, have the opportunity to set up - the establishment of young people is a legitimate dream. However, the current status of higher education in Vietnam currently has many inadequacies, affecting more or less the career direction of each person.

The status of higher education in Vietnam

The education system in our country is not perfect, constantly reforming and changing. Almost every year, the Ministry of Education and Training has supplemented and amended laws in different levels of education, including higher education.

Program content is heavy on theory, far from reality. Colleges and universities do not have close links with enterprises, and do not grasp the demand for recruitment so training is not effective. Program content is increasingly backward. Human resources directly in the system are not regularly fostered in modern teaching methods.

If Western countries view education as a government obligation to the community, then Vietnam is turning education into a trade. More and more universities are established, many of which are not practically extensively expanded and developed everywhere for the sole purpose of collecting student fees.

The percentage of Vietnamese graduates from college graduates is increasing

Currently, there are 412 universities and colleges with 2.2 million students out of a population of 95 million, higher than the developed ones. In 2016, there were about 200,000 bachelors and masters unemployed. The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs predicts that by 2017, the number of unemployed people with bachelor degrees will increase by more than 200,000 people compared to 2016.

If you want to go to college, think about "out" when entering a school. Plan your own learning and practice, improve your own language and basic skills, and you will succeed. If you can not plan your future, look for another path. University education in Vietnam is not the only door, nor the last door to success.

The choices that lead to success


You will be surprised if you know that in the world and in Vietnam right now, there are many successful people and very famous for choosing different paths. There are many self-employed people who choose to work as hired laborers after graduating from high school, many choose to go to a vocational school, there are export workers who have little talent Choose a path of talent development who want to pursue a college career. Whatever the road, it is still a journey to stable work to ensure the future for each person.

With the alarming state of university education in Vietnam today, studying abroad is the best choice to come to knowledge for students and students. It's not easy when you go to a foreign country, use another language, live in a new culture, and always find a way to adapt to the new environment. But you will receive worthy values ​​for your efforts.

Study abroad, you will have the opportunity to learn a new culture. Especially, if you study in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, .. you will see the diversity of culture in the range of their country. From there, it is possible to associate many friends, creating more spiritual values ​​for each day of study and experience.

Studying is the best way to learn and develop your native language. To speak English, studying in England is a great option. Nowadays, foreign language skills are a necessary condition for you to apply for any positions or professions.

Modern schools in the United States, New Zealand or the Netherlands, etc. are professional environments that have close links with international companies, creating more employment opportunities for students. Group projects and group activities will help you develop your skills, showing you how to solve problems. When working in a team, you better understand yourself. Each day your study abroad will be changes and progress in terms of awareness.

International students in developed countries always have high chances of being recruited by international corporations or companies. As long as you demonstrate the knowledge, ability to act and adapt to any problem, your job opportunities are within reach. This is the reason why more and more young people want to study abroad.

Another great opportunity for international students is the travel experience, where you will discover famous landmarks in the country and surrounding area.

Discover new cultures, learn foreign languages, study intensive courses, develop your skills, travel, ... is a journey to study hard for you to seek knowledge and ensure your future. - a really solid future.

(Thu Hang)

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