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Study abroad information in USA and Australia

Are you looking to study for a master's degree? Do you have any questions about the field of study and how to find scholarship? UE would like to introduce you some information about the master's program in USA and Australia. Hope can be helpful to you.

Six schools have the leading MSc program in data science in the US

According to experts, data science, including data collection and data analysis, will need a large human resources force by the year 2020.

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon is among the top schools in the US. Companies like Google and Amazon are very satisfied by the quality of their trained students. The starting salary for a graduate student is $ 100,000.

The school's MSc program in computer science is specifically focused on the most up-to-date applications of technology in statistics and data science such as machine learning and data mining.
University of California at Berkeley

The master's degree in data science, applied mechanics and data visualization lasts about 20 months with 2 courses per session, but you can shorten your study time to 12 months with 3 keys per session.
MIT Sloan University

MIT Sloan's masters program in economic analysis goes into the analysis of Data Science. Graduates will be equipped with a platform for statistical programming language, as well as large data analysis tools and other scientific methods. This course also focuses on the application of scientific data to solve the economic problem.

Northwestern University

The Northwestern University's Master of Science and Analysis program will provide knowledge and skills in data mining, predictive analytics and advanced statistics.

At this program, you can choose to study for 15 months at the school or online. Accordingly, full-time students at the school will be taking part in 3-month and 8-month summer internships at large companies.
Most of the alumni of this course receive a job offer right after graduation from the big guys like Apple, IBM, NASA, Nike, etc.

New York University
New York University is one of the first universities in the world to have a master's program in data science.

Students of this course will be engaged in a variety of practice areas to apply scientific data to solve real-world problems. If you want to go in depth, you can also narrow the field of study into such majors as Large Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Data and Math, ...
Stanford University

Stanford's Master of Science in Statistics course will equip students with knowledge and experience in working with large areas of data science, including statistical, programming, and modeling. data. In addition, students will also be exposed to a variety of specialized content such as data in medicine, machine learning, business intelligence, and distributed data management.
Masters scholarships in Australia

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) Scholarships
This scholarship applies to all majors and is valid for 2 years with Master degree, 3 years with PhD (PhD students can only extend scholarships) Tuition grants and a grant of A $ 26,288 per annum (in 2016). Students with a Subclass 500 visa will receive additional medical insurance (OSHC).

Deadline for submission: 31/08/2017
University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydis)

USydis is a full scholarship, including tuition and living expenses for three years. Ph.D. student research may be extended for one semester. Only new international students admitted in March (Study 2) and July (Study 3) will be eligible for this scholarship. Accordingly, the deadline for filing this year falls on July 31, 2017 for Study 2 (March 2013) and December 15, 2017 for Study 3 (Admission July 2018).

Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS)

Every year, nearly 300 Melbourne Research scholarships (MRS) are offered to both local and international students who wish to study in Australia and study at the university.

MIRS scholarships this year include:
Cost of living is 26,916 Australian dollars per year

• Housing allowance of A $ 3,000 for international students
• Research support of up to A $ 420 for Master's students and A $ 840 for Ph.D.
• Expenses for illness, maternity, child raising ...
IPRS scholarship from Murdoch University

Scholarships include tuition, medical insurance and a subsidy. Applicants must pay for travel tickets themselves, but the school will assist applicants with one-way travel throughout the course.
IELTS 6.5 (no skill below 6.0); TOEFL iBT 90 (no skill under 20) - only candidates in Nurse, Education and Pharmacy must have IELTS 7.0. In addition, the prerequisite for an IPRS scholarship at Murdoch University is that candidates must hold a bachelor's degree in honor, or a master's degree with at least 12 credits.

Deadline for application: 30/09 / 2017. /.


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