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Study abroad in the Glasgow city, UK

Studying in England not only improves your level of expertise, but you also have the opportunity to explore every corner of this mysterious land of fog.

Learn more about one of the mysteries you need to conquer: studying abroad in Glasgow. We will start with the things to know below.

Bản đồ thành phố Glasgow

1. Baggage before departure

Glasgow is one of the three largest cities in the UK (behind only Loodon and Birmingham) and is Scotland's largest city. Before you fly to this land of fog, you should note the following items:

Flight tickets: You choose to fly directly from Hanoi to London and then connect to Glasgow, metro or public transport options. With those traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, it is possible to stop in Thailand and the Netherlands, or stop in India.

Passport and ID card: Passport and residence card are important documents when you study abroad. Be sure to bring it with you and always be on hand.

Luggage: You only need to bring enough personal necessities for the first few days. The things that you should bring with you are clothing, junk food, simple medicine, some money in pounds.

2. Procedure to arrive at the place

Make a residence permit for a fixed period: Please note that when you arrive at the airport, you must remember immediately the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK to make a residence permit for a fixed period of time. You will then go to school to make a student card and make admission procedures. If you do not have this card, the procedure for registering your student card at school will not be possible, which will cause trouble for you later.

Make phone sim: You refer to the school phone companies that the international students use most. Select the cheapest package and cost. For example, the cheapest package is £ 5 per month, including 100 messages, 100 minutes local and 100 MB. In addition, you can find out some of the other famous telcos on the Internet or from schoolmates.

Make a bank card: Open an account in your name and make daily payments and payments using that card. This can be done at the Santander bank - a good service for young students who are students. Also you can refer to use the service at other famous global brand banks .....

Understanding travel: Travel is a necessity for people. With foreign students studying abroad, you can take a subway ride in the UK. In Glasgow, take the relatively simple subway with two closed lines. Ticket price is £ 3.2 per round return or £ 2.8 per ticket for monthly passes. Bus prices depend on the distance you travel, £ 2.5 / pass is the most expensive fare. If you need to travel high, you can register for a subway ticket at any pier, remember to show your student card for a discounted price (£ 65- £ 75 per month). With the bus you can buy the day ticket when boarding a bus (£ 5) or go to Buchanan bus station to contact your monthly / quarterly ticket (about £ 45 / month) with a student card.

The above is the first basic information for students, students who are intending or have decided to choose Glasgow as a destination for their study abroad.

Glasgow is the economic, tourist and cultural center of the UK that will surely bring you unforgettable memories in the life of students studying abroad.


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