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Study abroad in New Zealand and enjoy the peace of the happy country

On March 20, 2007, the United Nations announced the top 10 happiest nations in the world, with many Nordic countries being named including New Zealand. So for many years New Zealand kept this position.

1. New Zealand is one of the 10 happiest countries in the world

In 1250-1300 Poles, the Maori came to settle in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. By 1642, explorer Abel Tasman was the first to discover New Zealand. In 1840, New Zealand became a British colony. So in this country of youth, apart from the Maori natives, most people carry European blood. The languages spoken are English, Maori and New Zealand.

Due to the mix of cultures, the country's culture is diverse and colorful. New Zealand is famous for its kiwi, kiwi, lamb, sailing and bungy dance. Maybe you do not know New Zealand is the only country in the world with kiwifruit. This is a bird that does not fly at night and is the only bird with a nostril on its head. These cute kiwis have a clumsy form and move quickly. With so many odd features, kiwi becomes the symbol of the country, people are called by the friendly name "kiwi".
One of the pride of the kiwi is Auckland - the city of sails. Located on the isthmus, the islands of the inner bay include Rangitoto, Motutapu, Browns Island, Motuihe, Rakino, Ponui and Waiheke, which are home to one third of the world's best quality of life. Auckland became the sports capital of yachting with the first American Cup in 1851, marking the first yacht sport award in world history.

Everyday, in the Pacific Ocean of the Earth, New Zealanders choose to live a peaceful and happy life, preserve their indigenous culture and improve their quality of life through the unforgiveness of every industry, city. Street or factory. They appreciate the comfort and well-being of children.

2. Study New Zealand with great extras
Friendly people, open environment is the most noticeable feature as soon as you step down on the island of this beautiful island. You do not like the excitement of New York, the crowds of London, New Zealand is an interesting choice. What better way to get around the city, watching the sea in peace after hours.

New Zealand students love the peace but easily inspire life with openness. The school encourages students to express their personal views, encourage creativity unceasingly. Do not be surprised if this space is very diverse. Modern classrooms, beaches or any open spaces can become classrooms. Teachers also develop their own curriculum that is appropriate for the learning environment so that students achieve the best results.

If you choose to study in New Zealand right now in high school, you will experience a superior quality education. High school level is completed by NCEA - National Education Certificate with 3 levels for general education. Students will attend between 5 and 6 compulsory and elective subjects in a week. Courses are organized according to students' abilities and career goals. Your teachers and career counselors will be a great support for you from choosing a career, choosing a career, choosing a subject, and choosing a long-term pursuit. This program maximizes the capacity and creativity of students. With NCEA, you can transfer to university in many other countries around the world.

New Zealand is a place to study and live happily. Experienced in educational development, experience a beautiful and peaceful country, plan to study abroad and go !.

- Thu Hang - 



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