Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Study abroad happy or suffering?

This is a true story from a fellow student sent to UE to express his heart. If you are an international student and read this share, I hope to help you share that feeling of pressure.


Studying, happy ...
Another week is coming, June starts with a full rain ... Rain here is like the rainy season in Saigon, like to come, do not like to go, sometimes longer and flooded even the streets. One day early this week heard Sai Gon rain in the road, also in the rainy season!
Today is a beautiful sunny day. On a student's Sunday, it is a day to work part-time, to earn extra living expenses and to learn new skills and discover new people's lives. 5pm to the room, some friends cooked together something to eat dinner, then who do people work.
Overseas students, it seems that whoever has not touched it is desperate, but whenever anyone comes to it then really understand. All week is just a Sunday to relax some evening time to get the work you like. A few days ago I read a few articles shared by a student in Korea, and yesterday read a share of Japanese students about the current life in the land. Nor do I want to lament or complain about the life of students in the United States, because I have no habit of whining whether anything happens, it is also the principle of life itself, but with the post Write this again, so that you can imagine your next life if you decide to study abroad. And also let you make more accurate decisions for your direction.

She read a sentence of a girl student in Korea write "one day to wash 2000 discs in the cold numb to earn more money to cover tuition fees" but then when "reported coming home to eat Tet Can you bring a lot of presents? " His Japanese students are pressured every time power to visit his family because asked again, "do you have a lot of money, Aunt B's children send money to the family and how is it?" ... bla bla . I am fortunate to have never been asked the same questions, or have not been asked, hi, but sincerely sympathize with your stories. Students, no matter what country they are in, no matter what their families are, they are, invisible, invisible to those things that are invisible but seemingly only those of international students. New understanding.
America is a country that many Vietnamese students choose to come. And every time I see a Vietnamese friend, the more I understand, the more I know how beautiful the word should be understood. If you are preparing to start your studies abroad, if you are not an international student and if you are a relative of some international student, I just want you to distinguish the way. Use of the words "international students" with "overseas Vietnamese". Is there a lot of people are misunderstanding those two words and inadvertently put more pressure on the young Vietnamese are seeking new knowledge by the efforts of his hands, mind and heart in the human heart. Many say that the United States is a "promised land", and I do not need any further explanation. Only if, in Vietnam, your peers under pressure in part, for students, the pressure is 100 times that you. Financial stress, learning, adaptation, extra work, and even personal development. You will have to live with as much adult growth as you can, learn by yourself, do everything by yourself, in the early morning rush to the bus station in the cold cut the skin, dark again when he was tired, just in time. Then study and go to bed. Many friends, families only support tuition for the first two semesters, the remaining part, take care of themselves, they also have to struggle many times, get up early in the morning and back to the room at 11 am, 12 noon There are weekend to see movies or gathering friends like in Vietnam.

Can you tell how hard it is to study abroad? Have chosen to take it, but lament. I have a principle of not complaining, no matter what happens, whatever happens in our lives, there is a reason for it. More importantly, it gives us lessons for maturity and development. So, when I choose to study abroad, I choose life experience. I like the feeling 9h, 10h to go to the bus home in the cold night, go alone, a little afraid, hi, but interesting. Love the feeling, go to school, go to work, feel independent of everything in his life. Speaking a little bit, but back to the problem, I just want to remind everyone that, in fact, students are happy to experience and independence, the rest is too hard, do not bring the label "overseas Vietnamese" Depress them and then bring such inadvertent questions to them, away from home, away from the country, alone too much to pity you so much.

Many international students here, where I live, are very hard to earn money, and you do not invest much time learning, whether accidentally or deliberately, I still understand and sympathize with them. Many times I feel sorry for those who leave in the middle of studying, but more than sorry, because of subjective or objective, they are still under the pressure invisible overlap, sometimes accidentally just marks. "Overseas Vietnamese" when "miss" on water.
I am aware that I am an international student, no matter what anyone says. If you are an international student and read this share, I hope to help you share that feeling of pressure. If someone says, "I'm studying abroad, I'm complaining," then I just laugh, because of happiness or misery, only the new students understand, do you?

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 4 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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