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(Student's diary from Houston, USA) Study USA: Where's the luck?

If you've heard that the United States is a country where everything is turned into money, time is money, or life in the US is fierce competition in a corner, there's only one sentence for you: Is good, bad guy, My is not exception. Get lucky to be able to change lives rather than sit and take responsibility for the first conflict.

Today I want you to look at life at the maximum possible angle. Or if you have survived so many unimportant things, you can believe that there may still be common sense, only that you are alert enough to actively pull it towards you or not.

I do not know how to define the word "luck" in life. However, if you think that you will have experience of what you have experienced and are experiencing a time in the US will make you feel better life if you are also active and active. I will probably have more friends when your early days are used to a girl who is a school employee. She is very enthusiastic and friendly. At first you are not acquainted, not dare to open mouth thanks. Honestly, without you I do not know how to go to school in the early days, because he has absolutely no acquaintances on this side, a friend introduced before going to the US, go. Learn also should not help anything, again to be back as bus.

Through a friend, you will know you and you say that he wants to ride a motorbike with you, he will support gas pedal. You are right, there is no need to have any money. Ui, not like that, but you are really you. Study on the first day, welcome you very early, and you still have not eaten breakfast. You seem to be very anxious, try to recover but just go to motorbike without dare to ask her anymore. There are a lot of fellow students saying that the United States is a place where all of it is money, but to me, what I have and have done is seen as the opposite. She is very gentle and helps people unconditional.

Do you have to order with 3 months. In the beginning, I did not know how to catch the bus, with my sister and some more. The welcome chain from the supplier to your home, all three. Afternoon return a child to go home, waiting in the door, the door and girlfriend to drive. About a week, you take the bus, also to enlist the time to do some personal and study, not to accompany the morning with her on the bus, but with her and other friends.

Come with me, talk to you a lot, you help and get close to you. You know no, I did not know how many students studied like me, the exact number that you do not remember much. Just know that has worked for nearly 9 years, and every year, 3 seasons, she again learned the new students through. She said as today with the admission procedures, she is a Vietnamese student, she will ask you where in the area, if near the house, she will go to school. Therefore, no exact number is determined, but each time you go with him, you will again share many stories about the students she had carried. She is enthusiastic in helping you with your abilities: from going to school, going to the interview room, buying air tickets, working for international students. You are Houston, we have a lot of problems that you are a college student are advised to the field, with their older 10 years, all as far as the feeling is not familiar with the climate of the people.

Can not only sister, that both sister, also do charity for international students. What you sang, want to buy car he went to review, negotiate help and when the car was damaged, he would argue with each other about the problem not broken. All of the group of all the people are so good for a long student. I joined the group "Vietnamese Houston" and saw quite a lot of people talk about the good works of his group. The bedside of his husband, looking serious, but after learning more, he is quite personal and easy to approach. I often tell her that "your sister is very young, in many states, wherever you go she has a familiar acquaintance. She laughs, "I just want more friends than I do." There are also many students who do not have girlfriends but also talk to sisters. , Grow up some will also understand. Your life is real meaning and color, no drill, no color, simple but bold text.

These days, when leaving Houston, suddenly felt strange sadness. Me too, this time she invited me to go out, eat and drink milk tea, the park shopping again, have a day out, driving more than an hour, . She said "soon know you go, I will go out more to know". My students are students, no money, I understand, so you always have to clever to go naturally. Several times, they led the restaurant to, and said "lead the children to know what it is Houston, then there is that, but there is no one like you". Then they looked at each other laughing, then looked at me again. That day celebrated the 11th wedding anniversary of two people, himself and some friends shared again. As soon as I realized, good people in this life are not missing, just lucky enough to meet them or not. And luckily? Where does it come from?

That is just a small story in the "luck" that you are. Tomorrow I will continue to tell some of my other stories and some of my friends when I came to America. And surely these helpful stories will help you to see the "lucky" when standing in America, where does it come from?

Houston, 03 May 2017
[Alie Ho]

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