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Springfield College: Top standar premier school in North America

Founded in 1885, Springfield College is known for its guiding principles in the Humanities philosophy, which focuses on spiritual, intellectual and leadership education to become outstanding individuals in any field. Where?

So Springfield College sets up a fairly standardized learning environment, from the modern campus, on-campus museums, student clubs, gyms ... Over 130 years The school has trained many generations of elite students and is gaining more and more sympathy from young people from all over the world.

Springfield offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in the areas of medical science, human services, social services, sports management, research, education, business, arts and sciences. Postgraduate programs include physical education, physical therapy and psychological counseling. Students study in facilities in Springfield, Mass. And many other locations throughout the United States.

Springfield College has five specialized schools:

- Art, science and advanced science

- Health, physical education and recreation

- Medical science and rehabilitation research

- Professional and continuing studies

- Community service

In 2017, Springfield was ranked among the top "Best Colleges" schools by the YMCA - a leading US organization.



- Springfield College is known as a fairly academic environment, from the modern campus, on-campus museums, student clubs, gyms ...

- Ranked # 12 in the quality training category worthy of the tuition fee.

- The ratio of lecturers / students is 1/12.

- More than 52% of class sizes are from 20 students or less.

- Very high student satisfaction (85%).

The school is located in New England, convenient to move to major cities such as Boston, New York and Albany.

- Modern facilities, architecture combining ancient features and contemporary art.

- Students have the opportunity to participate in more than 40 clubs and extra-curricular activities, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Excellent athletes include James Naismith, basketball player Erin Pac, Olympic bronze medalist and John Cena - professional wrestling gymnast.

- Students do not have to worry about their jobs because they have a vocational guidance center that can help them find sales internships or full time internships at reputable companies and businesses.



Tuition and living expenses for Springfield students are approximately $ 48,000 per year. However, a student has the opportunity to receive $ 21,000 scholarship if proven ability.

First year students have the opportunity to receive scholarships of about $ 6,500 / year.


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