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Some extra work while studying in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is a dream of many young people. New Zealand is attracted by a modern education, clean green living environment, diverse culture and good career opportunities in the future.

New Zealand is ranked 6th in the Human Development Index (HDI) according to 2013 figures, enough to show how interested this country is. The educational environment reflects this concern as New Zealand has an advanced education system with a variety of science, social and artistic training facilities, and facilities that have state-of-the-art facilities. Advances for teaching and learning. Universities in New Zealand focus on maximizing creativity, independent thinking and equipping students with the skills they need most. University of Auckland, University of Otago are among the top universities in New Zealand, always in the prestigious education rankings.

Any student abroad who wishes to study abroad is encouraged to find a job that will reduce the financial burden. New Zealand students too. Overseas students often look for jobs such as running a table, looking after a child, selling gas or working on a farm. To work part-time while studying in New Zealand, you need to know the requirements of the government of the country for extra work for international students. Students are allowed to work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week (during the term) and full time during holidays. If you are in the internship or have a request from the school, you will be able to work longer.

For students of the Master by Research or PhD program you will be allowed to work full time in the course in New Zealand.

The majority of Vietnamese students studying abroad are trying to find a part-time job to compensate for their expenses. Not only does it give you more income, but it also gives you an enjoyable experience of New Zealand culture, you will definitely learn a lot of value.

Here are some websites that will make it easier for you to find a job in New Zealand:

  • www.seek.co.nz
  • www.sis.co.nz
  • www.seasonaljos.co.nz
  • www.nzherald.co.nz

Some extra work for international students in New Zealand:

1. Employees run the table

The job of waiter is quite diverse, many different types meet the needs of the "market", such as: Serving tables in cafes, restaurants, fast food stores, even Including work such as cashier, washing dishes, preparing food, drinks, ...

Table tennis is a job that many international students choose when studying in New Zealand. This can bring in about $ 14 an hour. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to practice your foreign language, become more open and confident in communication. This job is ideal for those who study Tourism - Hospitality.

2. Babysitting

This work is quite suitable for students. As long as you love the young, know how to care and play with the children, know how to clean the house, you will be able to do this job well.

Remember when you do this, you need to ask your child's parents about the schedule, the diet, the food preparation, the storage place, and especially follow the directions. Parents, do not try to disobey them.

The income you earn from this job is also hourly, averaging $ 9-10 / hour. If you do well you will probably be rewarded by the host.

3. Do the supermarket staff

Working in shifts is a job that many New Zealand students choose.

You will probably get into positions like security, cashier, advertising assistant, marketing, etc. The income you get from this job will be $ 13 / hour.


4. Gas station staff

Selling gasoline is the job you have to do when you're at a gas station. By the nature and nature of this job you can get higher pay, ranging from $ 15 to 18 per hour.

5. Finding more jobs at farms in New Zealand

The work on the farm is quite interesting, many students also love this job, because you can enjoy the green space, watching the fields of fruit, vegetables, attractive. On farms you can do the work such as: care, pruning gardening, harvesting fruit, etc.

This work is not difficult, complicated but requires careful, hard work, hard work. You will have to get up early to go to work, sometimes have to work under the harsh weather by the sun about 40 degrees C. You will have to work like real farmers on the strawberry, grape, apple ...

With every hour of work at the farm you can earn $ 12-15. If you work hard for 1 month, you can pay for living 4-5 months later. As a result, international students often take long vacations to work on farms.


However, you should remember that no matter what work do not let yourself be caught up in making money but forget your mission, the purpose of studying when studying in New Zealand.

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