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Services of Accommodation and Shuttle

Services of Accommodation and Shuttle

Being the first company who commits for supporting students in the time of study, UE always tries to provide special support in order to satisfy the highest requirements of any customers.

Having close relationships with universities, colleges and educational groups, UE also has representative offices as well as a team of students who are studying and living in the US, Australia, Canada and other countries, by so when do records to study with UE, we will support you looking for accommodation in the country are enrolled in various forms suitable for your circumstances as dorms, homestay, room rentals, etc.


Moreover, UE also arranges a group of staff to farewell and present flowers and gifts to students before beginning the journey of study abroad. We also arrange person to pick you when you first come to a foreign destination.

Always try to help students get the best conditions and activities to live for their academic work, our accommodation services and shuttle team are increasingly directed to completion and professional. This is also one of the important factors for UE become a reputable partner that customers totally trust and expect more and more.