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USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018

The gathering of 55 colleges, universities, academies and leading educational institutions from the US, Canada, Australia in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City on March 10 and 11, 2018 is one at the largest study events in the spring of 2018 held by UE Study.

USA Scholarships Fair

Do you want to study in the USA and find out more about American education or American universities?

Autumn Education Fair 2017

More and more young people want to experience quality learning environment and class in many developed countries in the world such as America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. This is an indispensable trend in " "globalization is taking place on a large scale and deep. The dream of studying abroad is a motivation for young people to make every effort and effort in school.

USA Study Abroad Seminar: Take the dream of studying in USA with SUNY Poly

American Study Seminar: "The dream of studying in the US with SUNY Poly School" gives students the opportunity to study in the country with the world's leading education along with many educational opportunities. The top scholarships are worth up to $ 32,000 at the prestigious New York University: The State University of New York Polytechnic Institute.

Canada study abroad seminar: Learn about quality courses at Capilano University

Capilano University is one of the most highly regarded universities in British Columbia, Canada. To give you a more holistic view of the educational environment here, study the UE in a friendly way to attend a Canadian study tour: Learn about quality courses at Capilano University, March, 29th 2017.

USA study abroad seminar: Exchange with Navitas USA at the University of New Hampshire

Famous for its transfer programs to prestigious American universities, Navitas USA facilities always receive the attention and confidence of a large number of international students. On March 29, 2017, UE invited you to join the Navitas USA at the University of New Hampshire to better understand the educational environment here.

US study abroad seminar: Seattle Central Community College

Seattle central was honored “The college of the year” in a researching Time magazine. And an article on New York Time. Seattle central is one of 11 successful American community colleges helping students transite to university.

Viet Nam global education fairs

Following the success of “Viet Nam global education fair” taked place in 11/2015, GEF will be back in next April with grander scale. UE is proud of being one of reputation units participating the fair.

Seminar: City University of Seattle

America study-obroad fair: City University of Seattle – One of largest private universities in Northwestern United States.

Seminar: consult directly from representative of FLS

From the beginning until now, more than 27 years, FLS is recognized that is education corporation providing innovated English programs for students. The experienced , professional, enthusiastic teachers, modern, effective education program, FLS is very proud of because of providing knowledge, and committing to student’s confidence and communication fluently in English.