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Scholarships North America 2013

UE - some scholarship information in the case of North America 2013

UE - Bells at a number of schools in North America are as follows:
1. College Scholarship Program Year 1: at James Madison University, Roosevelt University, Widener University Maine University, Royal Roads University and the University of Vermont to 50% of tuition.
2.Hoc Pre-masters: Maine University, Widener University, Roosevelt University, Royal Roads University and up to 25%.
3. USD 40,000 scholarship for students at Widen University.
4. U.S. $ 6000 scholarship for students at James Madison University.
5. The scholarship encouraged me worth USD 1000 for students enrolled at Long Island University.
6. Many scholarships valued at USD 2000-3500 for students who register early

To be considered for the scholarship, students need convergence conditions:
There are excellent academic results: 12 GPA was 8.0 (main subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry achieve superior results). Students who have a GPA of approximately 8.0, but the majors can be considered high flexibility.
Demonstrate mature, dynamic, creative and leadership
Demonstrate an understanding of schools and school programs
Pass interviews with representatives of the English language
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