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Scholarships At Otago, New Zealand

Scholarships At Otago, New Zealand.

School stood in the list of 100 universities worldwide reputation by The Times Higher Education Supplement poll. The outstanding reputation for teaching and research field has attracted many members of the elite come from everywhere in New Zealand and other countries

  • The oldest university in New Zealand
  • The university is ranked highest in terms of quality study taiNew Zealand
  • The direction to pursue specialized high quality
  • City University - The number of students accounted for 20% of the population of the city
  • Life Safety urban centers, close and not too expensive


   We provide a range of services and comprehensive amenities including:

  • The entertainment services include a sports center.
  • The 24-hour computer lab.
  • Health care and counseling for students.
  • Career Consulting Services.
  • Central Library with specialized libraries.
  • Support Center for Student Learning.
  • International Bureau.
  • Consulting Office accommodation.

   The International Office and the Centre for Language and programs the Foundation of the University of Otago given the right orientation program prior to the admission of students to counselors and international students and students counselors are always available to help students integrate into the learning environment and activities at the University of Otago and will continue to help advise students during studying in the school. Student Union at the University of Otago student clubs organize many events and activities for students to participate in.



   Level: PhD

   Study: basic sciences, humanities, business and medical trade

   Ask candidates:

  • Aspirations are first obtained a doctorate in school
  • Candidates from within New Zealand and around the world

   Value Scholarship:

  • NZ $ 20,000 stipend per year minus domestic academic fees (All other miscellaneous expenses and insurance costs will not be paid school)
  • Number of scholarships: Unlimited

   Conditions of scholarship:

  • The Scholarship Application will be scrutinized on academic achievement and potential for scientific research
  • This scholarship is also effective for candidates wishing to attend a doctoral program specialist (DClinDent, EdD), who will be involved in research thesis in full-time year after application.

   Download the registration form at the following address: http://www.otago.ac.nz/study/scholarships/otago007995.pdf

   An application for registration on the submission must be accompanied by an application has been certified according to afford to attend Masters or PhD, the possibility that single certificate must be certified by the competent authority enough rights (eg: For graduate study program in New Zealand, you must have a master's degree or doctorate by the Ministry of Education and Training Range)

University of Otago