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Scholarship opportunities for Vietnamese students from the London School of Business and Finance

The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) was established in 2003, with three campuses in three major cities - London, Brimingham, Manchester - and is ideal for students wishing to study business and finance. .

According to the Finance Times, LSBF ranks fifth among the 50 European universities specializing in business, finance, marketing, accounting and management.

LSBF is also one of the Highly Trusted Sponsors in the UK, which includes internationally accredited institutions of internationally recognized academic institutions that are well-placed in academic study and are subject to rigorous academic standards. Immigration officer In addition, LSBF is the only institution in the UK to be licensed to teach dual degree programs with well-known professional qualifications in the world such as ACCA, CIMA, CFA, CIM. Especially the school has links with many companies and businesses in the UK helping to find jobs for students after graduation.

The school is also acclaimed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the quality of training and the diversity of its curricula and facilities.


- Pre-university (6 months - 12 months): £ 6,750 studying in London, Birmingham, Manchester.

- College (18 - 21 months): £ 3,750- £ 4,750 Study in Birmingham, Manchester.

- Bachelor (3 - 4 years): £ 9,750 in Birmingham, Manchester.

- Pre-masters (9 months): £ 5,500 - £ 6,500 study in Birmingham, Manchester.

- Can receive from 50% - 100% tuition depending on the academic achievement of students.

- 100% tuition fee: CIMA, CFA (condition completed ACCA).

To attract Vietnamese students to LSBF, the school also has a special scholarship program. Vietnamese students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship of £ 11,500 for the course including: English (6 months) + master (12 months) + accommodation (18 months).
The scholarship is valid for Vietnamese students who have excellent academic performance and have an IELTS 5.5. In addition, you must prove you can afford to pay for the costs of studying in the UK.

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