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Scholarship of Marian Catholic High School, USA

Marian Catholic High School was established in 1958 in Chicago, Illinois.

Trường Trung Học Công Giáo Marian đã có 25 thành viên của Lớp 2018 được công nhận là Tiểu Giả Tiểu Bang Illinois. The ban Hỗ trợ Sinh viên Illinois nhận học sinh trung học Illinois để tích lũy thành tích học tập dựa trên chuẩn mực điểm và xếp lớp lớp. 6 student students is complete of the Language of Tiểu Bang Illinois sống ở Indiana.

University of Illinois bang for the first percentage of the students of the first level of 765 school of primary bang. Học sinh tiểu bang Illinois có tập tin học tập tiềm năng và được chọn dựa trên kết hợp điểm ACT hoặc SAT mẫu và lớp thứ cấp của lớp thứ sáu.

Environmental environment, care and learning files at Marian Catholic.

Student student from more 75 community at Illinois and Western North Indiana is combined for create to edit the text and national with the major entry of learning. Do such, input in feature feature in the painting from the 8 students classes.


Ranking and the number of the number

- Giải thưởng: Blue Ribbon School of Excellence;

- Giải thưởng Top 50 - Danh dự Giáo dục Công giáo Quốc gia

- Sinh viên trường Đại học được nhận vào: Đại học Harvard, Đại học Yale, MIT, Đại học Chicago, Đại học Duke, v.v.

- Xếp hạng trong số những người giỏi nhất trong khu vực Chicagoland, gần đây là trường Trung học Marian Catholic đã có 81 sinh viên có tên AP Học giả bởi College Board để ghi nhận tích cực xuất sắc trong kỳ thi Advanced Placement Exams.

- Most max students students Marian AP is a member of grade 2017, thu hơn 15,9 triệu đô la tiền học bổng đại học.

- Liên kết với Amerrigo system with the quality of quality education at the first field in the first term of Hoa Kỳ. Floating Floating Position is:

+ A community community

+ Support for english plugin (ELL)

+ Dayss animation and last week

+ Learning summer files and down away

+ Problem and general education

+ Next to a peer high school and the learn in the Network Mesh Amerigo University.


Education program

The Marian Catholic International Program offers both American students the opportunity to enhance their global perspective in a diverse community. The international student body of the school is Amerigo, sharing its commitment to higher education and personal support to ensure the success of every student.

Amerigo's students extend the opportunity for students to communicate openly with others from distinct cultures and help build a multicultural understanding.

Enrollment policies: Priority is given to new students from Catholic schools, sibling students currently enrolled in MCHS and alumni.

Programs: AP, Honors, American High School

Academic: 100+ subjects, including 41 AP & Honors

Featured program: STEM, 4 year engineering program, art intensive program, 1: 1 i-pad

Extracurricular Activities: 25 sports, 47 clubs

Admission: Fall (August)

Fifteen Marian students received the AP Honors with an average score of 3.25 for all tests and scores of 3 and above for four or more tests.


Total Costs (2018 - 2019): $ 66,950 including:

Tuition and housing costs ($ 61,000): Tuition, English and Academic Support, Dormitory and Security, Meals (3 meals per day), College and Career Guidance; Practical trips, graduation fee.

- Cost of Students ($ 5,950): Insurance, Holiday and Thanksgiving Day Outings, Uniforms, Books, Technology Equipment, Airport Transfers, Weekend Activities ...


The scholarship will be assessed on the basis of a variety of factors: grade point average (GPA), English proficiency, interviews and other achievements (if any).

- 30% equivalent to $ 18,300 (Tuition & accommodation expenses). Total cost after scholarship: $ 48,650 per year.

- Limited scholarships: 40% and 50%.

+ Costs at Amerigo Napa Valley: $ 69,250 + $ 5,950

Los Angeles Cost: $ 68,000 + $ 5,950

- Scholarships: 10% - 15%.

American National Scholarship Program for National Merit Finalists by participating in the National Scholarship Review (PSAT / NMSQT). These talented high school students will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for approximately 7,400 National Scholarships worth more than $ 32 million will be offered next spring.

To qualify for the Merit Scholarship, semi-finalists have to make a number of requests to advance to the final round of the competition. Approximately 90% of students in the semifinals are expected to reach the final round, and more than half of the finalists will be awarded the Merit Scholar Award.


Hang Hoang


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Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

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