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Santa Rosa Junior College: Best 2-year community college in USA

Studying at a community college has become a popular trend lately because of the many benefits it offers such as lower tuition fees, shorter study periods, University is definitely better. This is also one of the reasons that Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) becomes the favorite destination for young people to study in the United States.

SRJC is committed to fulfilling the college's goal of as many students as possible. The school is a smart choice for students who are eager to learn in a safe, friendly and student-centered environment.

SRJC students can complete the first two years of the undergraduate program and then transfer to another university to complete their degree.

The leading transfer universities for SRJC students are Sonoma State University, CSU San Francisco, CSU Sacramento, UC Davis, CSU Sacramento, CSU Chico and UC Berkeley.

 "Great school to work"

Santa Rosa boasts a nearly 100-year history of proud student and community service. Staff, teachers are always helping students achieve success in learning. Employees always support students with all their talents, enthusiasm, creativity, openness and joy. As a result, SRJC is Calofornia's only community school to be named "The Great School to Work" by The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Well located

From Santa Rosa to northern San Francisco it takes just one hour. The school's location is considered one of the best places in the United States. Santa Rosa is ranked in the 100 Most Valuable Places of America list by U.S. News & World's 2017 Report. The west is the Pacific Ocean, east is Siera Nevada, and countless rivers and lakes are nearby, making it easy for mountain climbing, boating, water skiing, skiing, surfing, kayaking and cycling. Students can easily move to San Francisco by public transport for shopping, driving trams, visiting museums, experiencing Fisherman's wharf, and more.

Excellent academic program

Santa Rosa is considered one of the best American two-year community colleges.

Santa Rosa offers over 100 majors and 150 certificate programs. Outstanding research programs such as business, computer research, engineer, nursing, grape ...

Many international students at SRJC have successfully transitioned to top universities, such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, San Francisco State University and Cornell University.

Student life is exciting

Student life here is quite vibrant with many sports teams, national elite winning teams and singing, dancing and theater programs. Santa Rosa attracts hundreds of students from around the world representing 50 countries. SRJC has more than 40 clubs.

The International Club is one of the club's most dynamic clubs. The club's mission is to introduce international knowledge and bring the whole international student experience. The club welcomes students attending the school, former students and students will attend SRJC.


Services for international students comprehensive

Other services for international students include:

During the first few days of the semester, students will be introduced to the staff, have the opportunity to make friends and interact with other students, visit the campus and nearby attractions.

- The Transition Center assists students in selecting and applying to universities.

- The tutoring room, the math room, the skill room at the school, and the writing center will help students complete their studies.

- International Student Program staff are available to assist students in answering questions and finding materials during their studies at SRJC.


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