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Rotterdam and the famous universities

You will be surprised to know that this is the most multicultural city in a multicultural country like the Netherlands. Residents of more than 160 different nationalities, mayor of Ahmed Aboutaled is also a Moroccan national.

City of pleasant surprises
Rotterdam is the second largest city, after the Dutch capital Amsterdam. This is a seaport, nicknamed the "gateway of Europe" as it possesses a strategic geographic position and significant accomplishments in every area of ​​the economy. Rotterdam ranks third in the world for foreign direct investment (according to the IBM Global Geospatial Report), which ranks 11th on the list of Europe's Best Destinations in 2017 (European Best Destinations 2017 Ranking). Popular multinational companies like Aon, Lloyds, Unilever, Marsh, P & G, The Navigator, VNAB, etc. are all based in Rotterdam for production and sales. In the city there are impressive works from seaports to restaurants - high-class hotels, the busy year-round rhythms created by many lively festivals. Even though it is a modern city, the cost here is not too expensive, but the living cost of an international student is less than 500 euro per month.
As soon as you arrive in Rotter you will encounter many canals flowing in the heart of the city. If you are an architectural student, you will be inspired by the city's unique buildings such as the Erasmus Bridge, Euromast Tower, Van Nelle Factory, City Hall, and the Cube Houses. You will be surprised to know that this is the most multicultural city in a multicultural country like the Netherlands. Residents of more than 160 different nationalities, mayor of Ahmed Aboutaled is also a Moroccan national.
Interestingly enough, Rotterdam owns unique banquet spaces with bar-drenched bars such as the Bar De Witte Aap, the Irish Pub, the Club Bed and Blender, and more specifically the Rotterdam School of Management. Clubs organize international parties for students once a week.
The city of three famous universities
Speaking of this thriving port city are three famous universities: Rotterdam Business School, Codarts College of Arts, University for the Arts, Eramus University Rotterdam.
The Rotterdam Business School is a well-known university with international business administration programs established in 1990. Since 2002 it has been a Rotterdam member institution. University of Applied Sciences. The bachelor and master's programs taught in English by the school create the premise for the success of the students in the international business career. The school has about 25,000 students, including about 1,000 international students from more than 50 countries, providing international students with a culture of continuous learning and learning at school.

The Rotterdam Business School's educational program is based on the Rotterdam Education Model (REM), which combines knowledge, practical experience and personal development. All academic programs have a period of time that allows students to practice in-house, study or practice at companies - allowing students to have real-world experience in their field of study. And the ability to grasp the trend of international business trade right from undergraduate.
Codarts The University of the Arts is a medium-sized school for the number of students. The school provides a professional arts education system in the fields of music, dance, circus arts. The purpose of the school is to encourage young talents to continue their artistic pursuits as a profession, thereby finding their own style. The Codarts College of Arts was founded in Rotterdam, the rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam. The University has about 1,100 students from 60 different countries.

College courses include Dance, Dance Teacher, Dance Therapy, Jazz, Classic Music, Music Theater, Pop, World Music, Music in Education, Music Therapy.
Postgraduate courses have two majors: Master Choreography and Master of Music.

Erasmus University Rotterdam was founded in 1973 with a number of majors in economics, health sciences and information technology. The school helps students find employment in the field of their choice with the best possible start. The academy is committed to the quality of training through multiple certifications and a multidisciplinary approach. Erasmus Rotterdam has a close relationship with the international business community, offering trainees the opportunity to practice internationally.

You can choose one of these three universities to come to Rotterdam to learn and experience interesting things from this particularly interesting city!

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