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Questions about situations should set before studying English

UE - Questions about the situations before you study English: Why should I choose you and not any other country? The UK has had a hard time in the stage of visa? Will I have the opportunity to work in the UK after graduation?

UE - Questions about the situations before you study English: Why should I choose you and not any other country? The UK has had a hard time in the stage of visa? Will I have the opportunity to work in the UK after graduation?
con duong vao cac truong dai hoc hang dau tai anh - du hoc anh 3
A trip would not be able to learn if you smooth unprepared situations will occur.
He made the decision to select location of study
- Why should I choose you (but not any other country?)
- The UK has the public education sector?
- Tuition is extremely expensive?
- The UK has had a "tough" visa easily? (See the provisions of his student visa)
- Will I have the opportunity to work in the UK after graduation?
- My English ability is really enough to keep lectures?
- The weather in England is "horrible" as rumored?
- It has to be a safe study destination?
- The difficulty to study?
Questions about the situation before you set out to study English
Regarding the choice of sectors and schools
- HE / FE / UG / PG ... is the abbreviation of the word?
- There are different degrees that? The program fits you best?
- The training facility is different and what their teaching style like?
- I should go to school in the city / region of England?
- How can I contact the University?
- Choose what to study industry?
- Planning study from level 3 how?
- Require input of the industry like? (GPA, language ...)
- How to register? The time limit for how?
On the registration of the visa (visa)
- I need to register what kind of visa?
- How to apply for a visa?
- Need the necessary paperwork?
- Visa will allow me to stay for how long?
- I can invite father / mother to play with visa there?
- He and I need to renew my visa?
- Can I change my visa type do not work when they graduate?
- I have contact with anyone, at any address in order to apply for a visa?
- Cost of registration visa how much money?
- I should apply for a visa in time?
- Interview with visa ... scary?
Costs and scholarships England
- I have to prepare much money to go to school in the UK?
- Expenses British study compared with other countries is expensive or cheap?
- The quality of teaching is "commensurate" with the money I will spend it?
- I have to go further in the study?
- Where are the scholarships I can apply?
- Scholarship application process like? (See information his scholarship here)
- Scholarships How valuable?
- The difference between the cost of studying English and English-speaking countries?
In the "base / board / industry" information support UK study
- The British Council can help I do not plan to study?
- Where is the only place I could find to ask the "right support"?
- The organization UKCISA? NUS, UKBA, English UK ... I can not help being and nature of operations of each organization be?
- There are events for UK student community in Vietnam?
- The school will hold a workshop to study?
On the discovery of the United Kingdom
- The UK has the beauty that?
- Life in the night entertainment, café culture, clubs, restaurants operate like?
- Where is the sports and cultural events are favored British people?
- The location discovery in British popular culture (theaters, galleries, museums ...) how it works?
- How to attend these unique events such as Hogmanay, Bonfire night, evening ...?
- How to "survive" on campus?
- Who do I contact to participate in the activities by the local students or organizations?
Housing and safety issues
- What kind of "boarding" What?
- I'm in the area is safe?
- How to have health insurance in the UK?
- Do I need to buy insurance?
- If there are problems in the next one I'll have to find?
- How to survive the first few weeks when I do not have many friends?
- I have continued to practice their religious ceremonies in the UK? I can wear the dress uniform of that religion? Where is the place I can go to church?
- I have been discriminated against on religious differences and gender in the UK?
- It network for gays in the city / I will study it?
- I will find your favorite dish in the UK right?
- The British are not friendly?
- The city SVVN / University of exciting me right?
- The division of the general public will take place like that? I need a "morale booster" for the division of this?
- These skills will help me survive while studying abroad?
Environmental international students
- How many international students at my school?
- International students with feedback on how the UK study experience?
- They have the opportunity to find a job after graduation?
- International students are not approachable?
- Native Teachers treat us how?
- The test is done in any way?
- I can make friends with local students do not?
In the English study
- I fear will not keep up with lectures? My English level is not enough?
- English Language Learning prepares to study how?
- My field of study English capital requirements like?
- I should pick a word exam?
- I should have to learn English preparatory English?
- How can I practice my English capital before arriving in the UK?
- Learn English in England is the advantage?
- The talk before the class in English will be like that?
- My English ability will be "transcendent" to the extent that after the study?
- What should I bring?
- I'm allowed to bring much luggage and weight conditions how much?
- I should choose which airline?
- Ensure that any clothing during the flight?
- When I went to England Weather will be like?
- Do I need travel insurance?
- How to avoid lost luggage?
- Things to note for the first time to study long haul?
These are just some of the common questions. Depending on the level of study and "picky" that each student will have individual questions.