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Prohibited and restricted baggage items

Many people go to the plane many times but occasionally the yachts are yoked because of bans on the plane. In addition to international regulations available, many times the availability of anything depends on security personnel. For example, flying a few times with a toothpaste copula, it is hard to find a strict sister in Bangkok is confiscated.

At present, VietJetAir and Jetstar airlines check their luggage very carefully, preparing to board the plane again, especially the passengers carrying bulky seems to be oversized 1-2kg. Stuffing the balo is fine. Vietnam Airlines is still normal.

The standard 7kg baggage allowance is 56cm x 36cm x 23cm

Guide to pick up your suitcase on the plane
The list of whether or not something is portable on the plane, the companies have a long table, you can read in their website. This article, I only mention the familiar objects in our daily lives (note that in order to put 20 kg in the back to the comfort of offline).

1. Is water brought on board?

The answer is yes and no. That is when the scanner that you carry the liquid in general, like water, milk, perfume, shampoo ... will be detected by the scanner. Security staff will ask you to remove them from your luggage and throw them in the trash. Many of you have to leave expensive perfume bottles, unfortunately of which not get.

But when you have finished scanning and enter the waiting area on the plane, you are free to buy water, wine, perfume ... in the refreshment stalls, cosmetics. At that time you spoiled the plane if you like, the host did not say anything. And the 20,000s a bottle of that little water, Dust always stay away!

2. Shampoo, shower gel is taken on board?

Cosmetics such as shampoos, lotions, perfumes, cleansers ... are not allowed on board if the volume is greater than 100 ml. You notice in the bathroom that see, the bottle is not big (half a liter to a liter = 500 to 1,000 ml) so sure things do not have to go to the aircraft offline. This is a big bottle to stay at home

If you want to bring cosmetics on the plane, the bottle must be less than 100 ml. For example, shampoo should be packaged. Bath lotion, facial cleanser, perfume ..., you fill in vials under 100 ml. This amount can not be more than 1 liter (ie, only bring 10 100ml vials - surely no one brought it there?). Toothpaste is a tiny buy. In a nutshell, liquid or viscous liquid must be less than 100 ml in order to be portable. For under 100 ml, it is comfortable, but not more than 1,000 ml (10 vials)

Well theoretically, small bottles under 100 ml also have to put into plastic bags transparent. As American security people are very strict test this, and the ASEAN companies do not resent. Well, be careful, just keep a plastic bag filled with transparent cosmetic bottles under 100 ml

3. Some other objects are prohibited to carry:

The next thing is ban, there is no begging anything, so we absolutely do not carry on the plane. They are knives, scissors (including folding knives), pointed items such as screwdrivers, lighters ... Even a small nose hair cutter will be confiscated (or custom Through this scissors, 99% are still confiscated.

In contrast, some familiar objects such as nail clippers, plugs, chargers, keys ... are easily picked up on the plane. Key, nail clippers, rechargeable power, plugs ... comfortable

4. Cameras of all kinds comfortable

Cameras from baby to child, from class to professional category are taken on the aircraft offline. Who fools sent in checked baggage 100% will be very easy to lose.
Camera legs are almost always in checked baggage. Except for some super mini, mini tripod

5. Electronics, electrical goods

Machines such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, electric rice cookers, electric nozzles, etc. are generally not accepted by portable carriers and fai in checked baggage. You need to ask the operator switch again for clarity.

6. Have food been picked up on board?

Can be picked up but just a dry clean offline, share tips is that you do not have to say to the staff to check that they have food at all. Go to the standard 7kg roundabout only, food to keep the house keepers in the distance. Finished procedures then we carry the security. Here, the types of dishes (of course, dry, not soaked), fruit, cake, fruits are comfortable (except coconut because of water inside, except for durian gifts, jackfruit because of smell and big gongs Bulky).

Update: Durian, jackfruit or similar fruit, you can separate the box and seal it in the foam box, generally what is not visible inside the fruit and smell (can be stored in 1 Plastic box and then put in a box of foam or paper box, then completely hold it)

Cake types can also be carried on free planes, the hostess does not have to handle anything. I used to carry sticky rice, chicken stick, biscuits, donuts on the plane to eat. Buy at home and then go to eat cheap food, but the food on the plane from 50 to 100,000 only.

The above are familiar things in life whether or not to be carried on the plane. Anything you add more nhé! Of course, if you send 20kg luggage under the bay, you can insert anything inwardly, no worries, from wine to cutlery are ok.

(Quan Nguyen)

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