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Prepare to study in Canada (Part 2)

Today I will continue to share with you more issues such as visa procedures, prepare anything for children? And admission procedures.

Prepare to study in Canada (Part 1)

Visa procedures

First and foremost, parents must prove their financial ability / income / assets ... to show that they can afford to pay for their child's education / living expenses. This is a bank account statement, contract / payroll / income / business / home / car license ... Attached with proof of income guaranteeing your child's education.

You can refer to the Visa application, the study / living expenses program ... for international students on the website of the Canadian Intergovernmental Agency / Department for Education to learn more, download the form to do manual Tradition. If you can not do it yourself, you can go through a travel agency for visa processing.

Should have general medical examination in advance with the child with the procedure. The best medical examination at IOM (Pham Ngoc Thach, District 1). This is required in the application process. If you do not have a health certificate, the embassy's visa department will ask for a supplement and specify where to get the medical records.

What to prepare for your child?

Upon receiving a student visa, parents need to purchase valise, clothes, shoes for their children. Buy all kinds of seasons, pay special attention to warm clothes (pull shirt, sweater / high collar, short jacket, long scarf, gloves). Pay special attention to buy boots, waterproof, thorn to the road, because of cold winters, low temperatures, snow falls, snow melt slippery roads. Airlines usually charge between 20-40kg of checked baggage.

Please note: Take the school record, school admittance notice, tuition fee statement, confirmation from the education department of the destination where the tuition fee has been paid and the student enrollment schedule. When the procedures at the airport, airlines require students to see the certificate of tuition fees, school admissions letter ... new agree to fly. There are cases where students and parents are not allowed to enter the airport in Canada because of the lack of the above documents, must return to Vietnam (according to the check in staff of China Airlines when doing procedures for my mother at TSN) .


Flights to Canada are more expensive than other routes (double the US when I buy mid-January airfare), which is considered peak season. Should buy transit tickets once tired, time consuming. No choice, I have to buy transit tickets twice (Taipei and Vancouver) to Toronto, lost a total of nearly 30 hours have just flew. You should choose at least 3g transit times.

As for international students, the entry procedure at the Canadian airport is done separately. Upon arrival at the airport, the loading queue will be directed to another room for check-in. Very crowded queue waiting for procedures here. If little transit time will not keep up. The immigration officer will, upon hearing the introduction, passport screening, network system, print and provide the student with the entry below (if the student is a student) visa / student visa is not allowed. labor. Parents accompany international students to make procedures as normal visitors.

Admission procedures

Guardians / parents and international students will come to the city's education department to submit the application file (copy of school report, student acceptance letter, confirmation of tuition fee) Math and English), where to buy school uniforms ...

All international students must pass the entrance qualification examination (to classify their studies, appropriate placement), at a particular school. About 10 students a room, two exams, math and English. Exam results are announced by the teacher in the afternoon with parents / guardians and counselors, with full attention.

The Department of Education hosts a conference / meeting for parents and students, introduces Canadian education systems / policies, answers questions from parents about their study.

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