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Prepare to study in Canada

This is the "experience" of a mother, starting from the preparation phase, taking care of the procedures ... until the children from Vietnam to Canada to study. What she is experiencing, hopefully will be useful information for parents who are interested in this area.


Several years ago my family intended to send their children to study in America. The reason is that the United States has top-notch education and I have some close friends in the US (can ask for help, advice when your child is in trouble). Only the tuition fees are quite high compared to the ability of my family (refer friends with children studying in the US) in the "pretty" and more, I am not very rest assured about the state of terrorism, Stigma, school attack occurs occasionally.

Finally I CHOOSE CANADA after referring friends, some school sites. School fees in Canadian public schools are relatively soft, $ 14,000 per year. 1 Canadian dollar about 17,000 VND. The environment is peaceful, peaceful, less stigmatized and less terrorist ...



In addition to the cost of CAD 14,000 per year (including health insurance), parents have to pay for meals, accommodation for children. I do not know how much the cost of meals, accommodation, and other expenses will be paid by parents in accordance with the general regulations of the school / department when they live with a Canadian citizen family (guardian) , Mandatory for children under 18 years of age) is CAD 550 CAD + CAD 550 in accommodation.

My spouse (Vietnamese, Canadian citizen, professional host for international students) sponsors my child. I have a private room in your home, eat with your family as a child in the house. Each month I pay them (host) 1,100 CAD. All school contact with the parent (s) is made through a guardian. I go to school late, need to inform ... school contact through phone. Please note, all children under 18 years of age are required to have a Canadian sponsor.

Scholarships to study in Canada and things to keep in mind


Depending on family circumstances, I think it is best to send your child to grade 11, no later than the second semester of grade 11. This class does not require a TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC score. But going to grade 12 is a must. My child goes after the end of the 11th grade. However, we have submitted the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in the ninth grade. And of course, all students are accepted outside of English. Good (transcripts, certificates, attending international schools ...), when making admissions procedures are required to take entrance tests with English and math.

By the age of 17, children are less likely to be "distressed" away from their families, to new living / studying environments, to integrate with friends, and to have better family members. Many families give their children away sooner, depending on the custody / relationship they have, as well as the integration of the children ... To study in the second grade 11, my child has 3 months to get to know the school. , Friends, so that 12 children are more stable to study high school graduation and college entrance exam.

Fortunately, the results of the mid-term examinations after the first two months of school were better than when I was at home (a national school).

(At 9am on Tuesday, 23/05/2017, we will share more about procedural matters, what should you prepare for your child?) And admission procedures). Thanks.

[Minh Nguyen]

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