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Pittsburg State University

At Pittsburg State University, students can choose from over 100 majors in the School of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Technology, Graduate School of Science and Faculty Emeritus.

Often referred to as Pitt, is a university-related research state located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded with the name Pittsburgh Academy in 1787 in the American frontier at that time, Pitt is one of the institutions of higher education are constantly oldest charter granted in the United States. Pitt has developed into the University of Western Pennsylvania for a charter change in 1819, and when the school moved to its present in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh in 1908, the school has received this special called Electricity, University of Pittsburgh. For most of its history, Pitt was a private institution until it became part of the higher education system of the Commonwealth in 1966.
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Pittsburg State University

Pitt has been placed in the university's leading public research in the United States and the first group consists of university studies 25 overall, is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the university leading public, has been ranked among the best schools for the quality of student life, has been selected as the "best value" by various publications, and has appeared in ranking the top universities in the world at Pittsburg State University, students can choose from over 100 majors in the School of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Technology, Science After University and Faculty Emeritus. Students learn in small classes, with challenging courses, staff attentive teachers and modern classrooms. 

Why study at Pittsburg State University? 
Being catapulted to - succeed in career
  • Enrollment rate is extremely high, reaching 100% programs
  • Starting salary of graduates often on national averages
  • There reputation in helping prepare students for academic success in medical school and in college programs and other professionals.
  • There are a variety of training programs
  • More than 100 industry training
  • Explore Research Program introduces students to a wide range of options to help them find a satisfactory course.
Quality education with affordable cost.
  • here is a tuition fee of the cheapest in the region
  • There are many scholarships are granted
Learning directly
  • There are countless opportunities to practice, cooperative education, independent projects and other forms learning other directly.
  • There are many study abroad options for students in more than 20 countries and 5 continents.
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Students can hone leadership skills through PELP
  • Students can actively participate in and expand leadership skills through the 150 clubs and student-run.