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PhD programs in New Zealand

New Zealand is a keyword that was searched quite recently. In addition to being known as the happiest country in the world, the Kiwi country also has an education ranked in the top 3% of the world.

New Zealand universities make their way into the prestigious charts. The Government of New Zealand has many policies to attract talents, especially the treatment of international students.

What is the policy of attracting students?

First of all, New Zealand's educational credentials are recognized around the world. From the quality of training, academic content, research applications to student satisfaction are all criteria that universities meet in educational rankings.

With 8 public universities including the University of Canterbury, The University of Auckland, The University of Auckland, Otago University, Lincoln University, Auckland University of Technolog, Victoria University of Wellington, The University of Waikato, you can have a lot of choices. Choose the location of the study as well as the appropriate field for your research. Research projects can be carried out in many fields such as business, economics, humanities, social sciences, aviation, health care, etc ... for 3-4 years.

Compared to many educational powers like the United States, Australia and the UK, the cost of a PhD course in New Zealand is quite reasonable. The Government applies a common framework for tuition fees for local students and students studying in New Zealand. Fees range from $ 6,000 to $ 9,500 New Zealand, from $ 90 to $ 150 million. A full-time student can work full-time to pay for his or her own tuition, but also cover a wide range of expenses.

It is difficult to take a family with you during your study abroad. But with the postgraduate program in New Zealand, you can completely bring your family to the same special preferential policy from the government. The spouse is allowed to work full-time. Children from 5 to 18 years old will be enrolled in public schools and will enjoy all benefits such as native speakers.

What better way than to be wholeheartedly enrolled as a graduate student while your wife and children are settling down next to you in a country like New Zealand?

After completing the course, you can apply for a one-year extension to find a job. If you can find the right job, you can apply for a longer visa extension. Any government of the nation wants to retain talents, especially highly qualified doctors.


Wanting to do research in New Zealand is difficult?

Of course, you must meet academic requirements in order to apply for a training program. Each training institution has different requirements, you can learn and compare conditions between schools. You also have to prove some other skills to meet the requirements of independent research, there are some works published in specialized journals or some research experience that you have accumulated.

In your experience, the hardest thing to apply for a doctorate in this country is to search for a professor. You will have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to persuade a professor to listen to his or her research intentions, to agree to and accept the guidelines for doing research.

During the graduate study period, the most difficult time is when you start and prepare to finish. In the beginning you need time to stabilize your life, strengthen and find a mentor. When you are about to finish, you must concentrate most of your time and energy on the council. So, you need to have a clear plan for the years to become a doctor.


PhD programs at some universities

Victoria University of Wellington

$ 35.000


Dotor of Philosophy in Architecture



Dotor of Philosophy in Business



Dotor of Philosophy in Education


has scholarships

Dotor of Philosophy Engineering


has scholarships

Dotor of Philosophy in Humanities and Social Science


has scholarships

Dotor of Philosophy in Law



Dotor of Philosophy in Science



Massey University

$ 7.099


Doctor of Philosophy


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering anh Advanced Technology



Auckland University of Technology

$ 35.880


Dotctor of Philosophy in Ary and Design



Doctor of Philosophy in business


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication



Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Technologies



Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Computer anh Mathematucal Sciences



Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences



Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality, Toyrism and Events



Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Cuture



Doctor of Philosophy in Law


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Law



Doctor of Philosophy in Social Sciences and Public Policy



Doctor of Philosophy in Te Ara Poutama



The University of Waikato



Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology

$ 31.135


Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting

$ 29.535


Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences

$ 36.225


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

$ 36.225


Doctor of Philosophy in Chineses

$ 31.135


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

$ 37.745


Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics

$ 38.840


University of Auckland



Doctor of Philosophy Accounting

$ 7.000


Doctor of Philosophy - Anaesthesiology



Doctor of Philosophy – Ancient History



Doctor of Philosophy – Applied Linguistics



Doctor of Philosophy - Architecture


has scholarships

Lincoln University



Doctor of Philosophy in Agribusiness and market

$ 7.178


Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences



Doctor of Philosophy in Enviromental Mângement



Doctor of Philosophy in Financial and Business Systems


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Global Value Chains and Trade



Doctor of Philosophy in Landscape Architecture



Doctor of Philosophy in Pest Management and Conservation



The University of Canterbuy

$ 7.439


Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting



Doctor of Philosophy in Antarctic Studies



Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Art History



Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy


has scholarships

Doctor of Philosophy in Bidchemistry



University of Otago

$ 6.500


Doctor of Philosophy in Arts, Languages, Theology, mathematics



Doctor of Philosophy in Comerce



Doctor of Philosophy in Dentistry Thesis (Non Clinical)

$ 9.760


Doctor of Philosophy in Health



Carey Baptist College



Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Theology




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