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PhD job market in the United States: Business vs Science

While the majority of PhDs in science in the United States have undergone postdoc (Employment for PhDs in Science and Technology in the United States) and only a small number have earned an assistant professor's degree. PhDs on business usually do not go through the postdoc period but direct the assistant professor.

This is due to the difference in training as well as the job market between the two sectors.

Science schools often hire a large number of PhD students, making the demand far beyond the demand: the number of PhDs in the field of science is greater than the number of jobs. Make nearly 50% of the PhDs on science graduate who can not find jobs in the United States, the rest only earn postdoc positions. Remember that postdoc is a temporary job, very precarious, low paid, and largely unprofessional like insurance and pensions. This phenomenon is due to the science sector need a lot of labor 'hands' to do experiments. Every lab needs a dozen people doing these things. Technicians are expensive because of high salaries and benefits. While PhD students and postdocs are better off, they are more motivated to work, and the costs are much lower. Thus the PhDs job market for science is a funnel: the number of PhDs outnumbered the number of postdocs and the number of postdocs was much larger than the number of assistant professors.

On the other hand, business schools usually hire only a small number of PhD students (their department only enrolls 2 people per year), enough to meet the job market demand. This is because business majors do not need to recruit PhD students to do this work. Therefore, PhD students in business are often taught early independent research skills so that they can assume the position of an assistant professor when they graduate from postdoc. Ongoing PhD students in business find an assistant professor position about 1 year before graduation. When they get a job, they will be graduated.

At the end of each employment season, each sector will have statistics on the job market such as who graduated and then where to work as an assistant professor, salary information, requirements to enter the payroll (tenure) of the candidate. For example, this is the PhD in Marketing Statistics for the year 2015. This information is important for those seeking employment in this market as well as the choice of majors when deciding to study for a PhD. Career paths when studying PhDs require a lot of time and effort, you should carefully study the training program as well as the job market before committing yourself, not every scholarship is going without Know ahead and how you have choices.



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