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Opportunity to practice and work in Silicon Valley with a salary of $ 75,000 per year

Ranked # 81 of the nation's best universities (U.S. News & World Rankings, 2018), UCSC is one of the 10 schools in the prestigious University of California system.

1. Introduce UC Santa Cruz - Silicon Valley extension

Most UC campuses have an Extension facility that is not located on the main campus and UC Santa Cruz. Unlike most extensions, however, unlike most extras designed to assist students in their core training programs, UCSC Silicon Valley is dedicated to teaching Professional Certificate programs.

Students who complete this course will be awarded a certificate directly from UC Santa Cruz. All credits taken after this course are Graduate Credits and so can be used to transfer to Master courses if the student needs.

2. Curriculum

With 17 majors ranging from Biology, Business and Management, Education to Technology and Engineering, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension offers a wide range of options for most of your needs. Most programs last for 3 quarters 9 months, TESOL alone lasts for 4 quarters 12 months. Some specializations also allow students to complete in two quarters of 6 months, but will not be accompanied by OPT opportunities. All international students will apply for the F-1 visa.

During the Certificate, students will be assisted in finding internship opportunities. These internships are usually not paid as a full time job, but will be a good stepping stone for students to gain experience for the next steps, as well as a great value experience right here. Silicon Valley - where paradise is considered as the start-ups and technology hot spots of the world. Upon successful completion of the course, students will also receive OPT support and paid employment in Silicon Valley. Currently, 100% of UCSC students practice and OPT with an average salary of $ 75,000 per year.

Since this is a program designed for working professionals, trainees will practice daytime from 8AM to 5PM, then the class will be from 6PM to 10PM on weekdays or on weekdays. day in the weekend. Companies usually require trainees 2-4 days per week.

3. Input conditions

The Professional Certificate Program is not limited to age and focus on practical experience, so students only need two main conditions to enter and look for work opportunities in Silicon Valley:

- Bachelor degree and

- English level equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 80

In the case of lower English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 66, students may take the Certificate and Internship Preparation course 3 months before the main Certificate. In fact, those who do not have a lot of work experience or have little exposure to foreign environment should attend this course to receive valuable support:

- The ability to use specialized English and in the work environment;

"Networking" uses social networking and other tools - is important because many job opportunities can come from people around you.

- Resume and cover letter;

- Interviewing skills when applying for a job.

If your English level has not reached the Certificate & Internship Preparation, you may attend EC English for Academic Purposes Courses at UCSC - Silicon Valley.

4. Students

Thus, the participants of this program are very broad and can be:

- New graduates or inexperienced students, either in Vietnam or in the US - will be the perfect way to start a career in Silicon Valley instead of studying for a Masters degree like traditional thinking. .

- People who have working experience and want to learn to improve their knowledge, to advance in the work or want to change to other specializations - program focus on practical, study parallel to do, help improve It can be very short-lived and may increase your chances of being admitted to Top schools in the United States to pursue a Master's / Doctoral degree.

- The owner of the business, having his own company wants to have more knowledge, skills in a certain area - experienced lecturers will bring new perspectives and new standards, while learning Classmates will also be a diverse source of knowledge that can bring many potential opportunities.

5. Employment opportunities

UCSC classmates are called Instructors / Mentors, not Professors, as regular programs. They are experienced in the industry and may be holding major positions in companies and corporations right in Silicon Valley. Highly qualified trainees will be introduced by these facilitators to good job opportunities in the company they are working for, or other companies in the area they know.

Most of the other students in the classroom are also working in Silicon Valley and so have a lot of practical experience in the area. They may also be able to recommend suitable internships or internships for international students enrolled in this course.

Employment opportunities also come from the majors of the 17 majors:

- Biological Sciences: Silicon Valley is the world's bright spot in Science, Technology, Engineering and Biotechnology. There are many big corporations in this field. The UCSC Biotechnology and Clinical Trial is well suited to students who have a background in medicine, medicine, health care, science, biology, chemistry, and more.

- Business & Management: Many practitioners from Vietnam are currently pursuing this sector and seem worried about job opportunities in the US. However, in the Silicon Valley region in particular, the quality of human resources for this sector is relatively scarce as it attracts more talents in the field of Technology - Engineering than Business - Management. For example, in the field of Marketing, there are thousands of vacancies in Silicon Valley that need quality candidates.

- Education: Currently, UCSC has a TESOL course in this field. Most international students think that after completing the TESOL course they will have to return home because teaching English in the US is not easy. In fact, many immigrants in developed countries, including the United States and California in particular, have a need to improve English as not all immigrants are fluent in English. This is a very big market, which is very potential that students can consider.

- Technique and Technology: Needless to say, for any student in this field in the world, the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge in Silicon Valley is truly valuable. All the big companies and corporations are gathering here and thousands of other potential start-ups. Students have the opportunity to visit these large companies (Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Intel, Netflix, ...) or even practice here; However, there are also a lot of learners who choose to work for newer start-ups, where there are more opportunities for growth.

In addition, the school also regularly organizes Career Fair in the school with dozens or even hundreds of companies and corporations in the region to attend. Students may apply directly for internship or job application, and may also be interviewed on the spot.

6. Admission & Expenses

Day admission:

Specific cost:

Other fees:

- Registration fee: $ 150

- I-20 delivery fee: $ 50

- Insurance: $ 20 / week

- Internship Support: $ 200 *

* This fee is included in the Certificate & Internship Preparation course; support services and not committed to the placement.

- Accommodation fee: $ 300

- Homestay: $ 1,460 / 4 weeks

- Extra week with native speakers: $ 365

- Airport shuttle (one way): $ 130 (San Francisco / San Jose / Oakland)

Student financial records only need to demonstrate a minimum of $ 30,000 for a certificate course.


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