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Opportunity to immigrate to Canada when you study at Fleming College

Founded in 1967, Fleming College is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Fleming College is a public college in Ontario, Canada. The school offers over 100 curricula for 16,000 students at both Peterborough and Lindsay. These are two vibrant, modern cities, 1.5 hours from Toronto by tram. Living in these cities, you will feel the green air all over the place.

The reason why more and more international students choose Fleming College

- Canada is one of the world's most livable countries, a safe environment, a thriving economy, a prestigious education.

- A friendly learning environment.

- Tuition is lower than many other countries, the cost of living is reasonable.

- The program focuses on theory and practice, helping students improve their skills to convince employers more easily.

- Small class sizes, students are exposed to more teachers.

- The school has an international student support center so that you can familiarize yourself with the new school.

- Students have the opportunity to interact with local people to learn about local culture and improve their English.

The University provides students with the opportunity to transfer to a network of nearly 40 partner universities such as Trent University, York University, Carleton University, Charles Strut University (Australia), Griffith University (Australia), Southern New Hampshire University (USA), ...

- Onratino is a state of open settlement policy, students have many opportunities to settle in beautiful country Canada.

- Fleming College is one of the schools on the CES list. As of March 1, 2016, the Canadian Government, along with the Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools, has adopted the Canada Express Study (CES). This is a program that minimizes financial proof and promotes the visa issuance process for Vietnamese students wishing to study in Canada. The 45 schools in the CES are members of the Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools.

When enrolled in one of 45 CES schools you will receive the following incentives:

+ Simple and faster visa application procedures, no need for financial proof.

+ IELTS score requirement is 5.0.

+ CES schools have reasonable tuition fees with a wide variety of programs, offering a wide variety of options for students. The fee is not more than CAD 13,000 per year.

Payroll Practices: Schools have a variety of policies that support international students, including paid internships. Improving your skills while earning more income is the desire of most students.

Opportunities after graduation: Canada's labor market is in need of an abundant labor force. According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Statistics in Canada, 90% of college graduates in Canada find jobs that fit their majors within six months of graduation.

+ Opportunity to settle: Upon completion of the program, you are issued a work permit. You can apply for immigration in accordance with the regulations.

School curriculum

- ESL English Program.

- Diploma (2 - 3 years).

- Certificate of Fast Track (1-2 years).

- Post graduate (1-2 years).

Fields of study

- Economics and Business Administration.

- Law on Justice.

- Information technology and electrical engineering.

- Travel, restaurants and hotels.

- Biotechnology.

- Environmental science and natural resources.

- Medical and community health care.



Tuition and other expenses (refer to)

- High school after-school program: CAD 12,600 per year.

- Postgraduate certificate: CAD 15,700 / year.

- University: 10-12,000 CAD.

- Insurrance; 370UCAD / period.

- Housing and dining expenses: CAD 7.000 / year.

- Books and materials: 500 - 1,000 CAD / year.

- Travel and other expenses: CAD 2,000 per year.

Opportunity to work while studying at school

Fleming College offers students the opportunity to work during and after their studies, with a variety of employment opportunities including:

  • Working at the campus: Full-time students at Fleming College have the opportunity to work directly at the campuses they attend, subject to valid student visa requirements.
  • Off-campus work: With student visas available, students have 20 hours per week working out of school after they have completed their degree.
  • Working while studying.
  • Graduation: Upon completion of a course at Fleming College, students can apply for a work visa after graduation based on their study and work experience during the course of study. The maximum for this visa is 3 years.
  • Bang Onratino extends opportunities for skilled workers

In August 2017, the Ontario Pilot Program has just been announced, which aims to create conditions for foreign workers and international students to live, work and settle in Ontario.

Program for the following professions:

NOC 7441

The people at the trade center

NOC 7521

Công nghiệp nặng

NOC 8431


NOC 8432

Gardening and Greenhouse

NOC 8611

Harvest workers

NOC 7611



NOC 9462

Processing workers in industrial meat factories

Working standards:

- Unlimited contract.

- Working full time.

- Employment in one of the sectors listed in the table above.

- Satisfy Ontario's salary requirements.

If you are choosing a destination to plan your study abroad, Fleming College in Onratino, Canada, can be a great choice for you.

Lam Nguyen


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